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  1. I have downloaded the schedules .question is how do I use them or is this automatic when starting the game. and yes I am now deleting a few aircraft at the start until things have quieted down a bit
  2. Thanks for the replies, I seem to have the impression that hard luck if you cannot manage 50% traffic at the major airports, The question is why have a start at 50%, and my observations of the 50% start is having far to much traffic at the start of the game then it seems to level out at something like 50%. May I ask if you have played this at the 50% start ,please let me know what you think . Is there to much going on at the start ? or am I destined for a lifetime at St Thomas.
  3. I thought it time I contributed to this forum to say of my observations regarding Tower 3D.. Firstly if anyone takes any notice of this thread this is my view as it stands at this moment. I have played Tower 3D till gone midnight on quite a few occasions and to say that Tower 3D is quite a good game ( I wonder if game is the correct name ). The opening screen setup for the game is ok ( I have SP1 ) and the game itself runs ok. You have probably guessed that not everything is rosey, ( this is a saying in england, ie.not quite right). I know that other people have said numerous things about Tower 3D so if I have written the same things I do apologize, So here goes. The Setup screen only allows the minimum of 50% trafic, I have this setup, Thats fine for the small 1 runway airports but not great for the larger ones, I have found that starting at KPHL on 50% there are far to many aircraft wanting to start to taxi followed by aircraft wanting to land. Then after this initial phase has subsided I have the opportunity to see the planes in the terminal and landing to enjoy the game more. This hectic start to the game In my opinion just needs to simmer down a bit. I still cannot get any other voice other than a Female even on Random I am using Windows 7 carried out the usual voice setup but still nothing, on the Setup screen. I have not found as yet a way to end the game other than pressing ESC. There are the usual references to moving the ADRIS and the other screens to another monitor and the not so good zoom effect at the end if the runways, The graphics could be better in as much the runway intersections don't line up correctly at times. As I have said this is my opinion and I hope that it helps this game to become a great game. I for one will be purchasing the Pro edition knowing that Feelthere will eventually put these few niggles to bed.
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