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  1. I must admit to not purchasing the last US airport, so to see that a UK airport may be on the cards is great to see, in fact any UK airport will do be just fine.
  2. Here are the files I am using for KLAX NON STEAM everything works fine for me.
  3. Unbelievable ! This new schedule is showing GA aircraft which was almost non existent before, plus cargo parked over the other side of the airport. Great stuff,
  4. Downloaded the SP6v4 Real Traffic update to find that TIST is at 99% and stuck, I have found the TIST forum regarding previous issues and downloaded the Terminal files hence TIST is working fine. I have sent this as to help if others have the same problems.
  5. Good chance you need to load Real Traffic for the texture files. You can check on the KLAS airport folder, if there are no Text Documents present there's your answer. ( I THINK)
  6. This must be the first time I have downloaded an addon with the location files being correct, all I did was say yes to KLGA folder location everything went like clockwork.
  7. Just finished a session with Random Voice in Settings everything ok, as regards Male and Female voices.
  8. I have just realized that I download Real Traffic before KLAS airport hence the missing Text files . G:\ was just a temp location away from the default. I should have known to run Real Traffic after every new airport. Sorted
  9. I have the screenshots of the KLAS file showing the recent download for KLAS note the missing text files, I then copied over the text files to make KLAS work. So as I understand your views, the text files are entered through Real Traffic download, which for some reason didn't put them in the KLAS folder,
  10. RT Tower3D Pro SPv1 RC KLAS sp1 KLAS sp2 all fresh downloads. Real traffic was ok but not KLAS Airport sp2
  11. I have downloaded a new Pro with Traffic and KLAS Color and the KLAS Airport for Pro on to another HHD to see why KLAS will not run, ( this is in response to another member having trouble getting KLAS to work ) True it would not work so I had a look at my original files for KLAS to compare and noticed that the files for the new download was missing the Text files for KLAS, Believe it or not when I gave KLAS the missing text files it worked. If anyone can explain why this is and why the download is missing the text files I would love to know.
  12. NO is the answer, It works for me in both screen modes.
  13. C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes Put your Texture file here. The file is around somewhere on your download.
  14. Here in the UK OAPs stand for " Old Age Pensioners" you know the older generation of people who are over 65 and are living of a pension ie. ME Just changed the spelling mistake.
  15. Here in the UK OAOs stand for " Old Age Pensioners" you know the older generation of people who are over 65 and are living of a pension ie. ME
  16. Thats what I call sneaky, Cheers Vic, there goes another 26 quid, How about some form of discount if purchased other airports or for OAPs.
  17. Good Grief, This is the first time that I have seen GA aircraft within the game apart from TIST Great Stuff
  18. I personally would buy Tower Pro direct from Feelthere, ( not the Steam Edition) also upgrade to Win 10, your good to go.
  19. I gather you mean on to another monitor, in that case its is the normal blue on the other screen, but goes back to gray when put back to one screen.
  20. I have no loss of any description using Pro on 2 screens. One is with the STRIP/ADIRS/DBRITE on one monitor and the 'view' on the main screen, I have 2 wide screen monitors with 2560 x 1080 resolutions therefor I have more than enough room to display the STRIP/ADIRS/DBRITE frames. I usually have the ADIRS taking up the center half of the monitor with the others either side .
  21. Any help with KLAS ops would be much appreciated.
  22. Did you click on 1 of the 3 downloadable links, hence there is no need to enter a password just the the product registration key.
  23. Cheers for that. Especially as I was thinking of putting the aircraft Callsigns on an excel sheet., so it's down to the photo shop and have it printed as well as laminated, should look great.
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