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  1. Just finished KSAN, started at 6.31 sent SKW5190 to runway 9 after pushback, line up and wait, takeoff, no problems. did 58050 choose runway 9 in the runway setup screen that's all I can think of as to why it may stop.
  2. Hi, I had Win7, I had tried to put new voices into Win 7 but with no success. When Tower3d came out I wasn't able to hear any voices so when Tower Pro was on the horizon I changed to Win 10, needless to say there is no problem choosing another voice. So Im afraid I can't offer you any help other than moving to Win10.
  3. Never seen so many aircraft, when you get a chance could you have a look at KSAN. Thanks.
  4. There is a forum feed for this problem, but I think when the popup appears right click the popup. then click preferences then click the sticky key to disable it. Know doubt if I'm wrong someone will put me right.
  5. This happened to me the other day when trying out a different headphone set, if thats any help
  6. I see we have accumulated -650 points in 3 minutes as well as -7790,
  7. Cheers Vic, Everything is ok regarding the popover screens in full window mode.
  8. Vic Everything is ok in windowed mode but distorted in fullscreen. I had it running in fullscreen before SP2,Its nearly midnight here I shall have to say goodnight and pick this up tomorrow.
  9. Sorry Vic. I have the same problem the popped out displays, They take up all the screen when using the icon so I am unable to resize them consequently I have to switch off my computer. As before when using the icon for 2nd monitor it used to just cut across to the second monitor then I resized it to my choice of size.
  10. Well what a result I'm not the only one who is unable to get Bravo 9 speech command at KSAN, well that is up to yesterday when I managed to find an answer by saying in the most american accent saying Bravo niner as 1 word and rolling the r at the end of niner. Fortunately an arriving aircraft is available from the start which gives me a few minutes of trying different accents to obtain the desired effect, I see that Mikced76 isnt American so for us EU controllers it is a bit of trial and error. Best of luck.
  11. It seems that I should acquire an American accent, not that I havent tried already.
  12. KSAN Exit at taxiway Bravo 9 doesnt work for me. NINE and any other speech around like NINEERRRRRR
  13. Since no one has yet to reply to your question I shall try to answer it by saying there are quite a lot of previous answers to be found on the forum pages, having said that have you set the speech recognition to English ( USA). this is found under Settings Time and Language. In Region and Language I added a language pack English USA. ,, Country or region USA.,, then make sure that admin rights are on in the mmwindow application folder. Use the properties for admin rights instead of launching the program with admin rights. Best of Luck
  14. Just to add to this, as Vic says just click on the icon showing 2 screens they will go over to your other screen, from there resize and move them wherever takes your fancy, when you open up the Pro again click the icons the flightstrip and the other 2 will be placed where your last position was.
  15. I have spent the last 10 mins trying every conceivable command for Exit Bravo 9 with no luck, all it recognizes is Bravo 1 instead of 9.
  16. Southwest xxxx Exit at taxiway Bravo 9 . I cannot get it to recognize this command, I have tried ninerrrr, nine, and any other language but to no avail. Any one had any luck with this or is it not setup to accept Bravo 9. or is it simply my accent.( I live outside London so im as english as it comes by the way.)
  17. If you trawl back through the forum you will find a few suggestions from making sure that you have USA and not english as your speech up to admin rights, Im sure that what you are looking for is there.
  18. Please enlighten me as to what ATCC is or will be. I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  19. Just downloaded Real Traffic for Pro, KSAN has no aircraft at the terminals has anyone the same, I know it is Nyergesdesign issue but I wondered if it is my fault in someway before taking further steps. I did download KSAN SP2 before.
  20. You will pleased to know I have the same.
  21. It seems its one of two things first have you downloaded the correct files relating to Pro there are 2 files 1 for 3D and 1 for Pro and secondly I suggest to download the correct files for KSAN and KJFK to the desktop then open Pro extensions airfields folder and drag KSAN and KJFK across to the relevant folder. hope this works for you
  22. Try Towerspeakbridge found in the tower3d data file use Properties, Compatibility, Tick run this program for adm
  23. Open mmwindow, then right click mmwindow application file, go to properties Compatibility, tick the box for Run this program as an administrator. Worth a go. I also had both screens set to the same resolution .
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