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  1. Here is a screenshot of PHL in the area you are referring to, unfortunately I cannot see any white aircraft, there are no schedule alterations. If Im in the wrong location I do apologize. White.bmp
  2. Difficult to answer, everything seems to revolve around the purse strings, you can only get what you can afford , over the years I must have upgraded my computer half a dozen times and of course I have had to accept not having the best graphics card or processor, even now Im looking to upgrade my graphics card, so it goes on.
  3. Hi, I can only here 1 female voice even if I change to male voice mode are you using Windows 7 or 10.   Im using 7 and as such Im unable to obtain the other voices any help would be much appreciated,


  4. You are correct there is no collision trigger with this scenario, but it would be nice to correct the position of the larger aircraft.
  5. It would be nice to see it before Tower Pro comes along
  6. Sorry but I thought that any Follow Me command, the selected aircraft, just kept going until you gave the Hold command, I never rely on Follow airplanes to stop behind without a hold command. But I may be quite wrong.
  7. I wondered if eventually this scenario would come to light as time went on and it has, as you can see the smaller aircraft needs to exit the terminal but it is about to collide with a much larger plane that doesn't seem to belong there or it isn't up to the gate enough to allow an other aircraft to pass. See screenshot. To Big.bmp
  8. I am sorry to be yet the bearer of another anomaly regarding the coming together of 2 aircraft at a Terminal, the screenshot shows DAL485 leaving the terminal and has crashed into a rather large aircraft. If it had reversed further out it would have been aligned up with the taxiway instead it seems to have gone down the vehicle access road, nevertheless this hasnt stopped me enjoying the (game ?). Plane crash.bmp
  9. Arrival Route Showing at 9.45.30 Arival showing route.bmp
  10. As requested here are the screenshots, 9.44.15 shows when asking for Terminal. 9.44.41 shows the Terminal location .Arrival Showing Route is at 9.45.30. As you can see it's about 1 minute before the route is displayed. I hope this helps. ( Arrival Showing Route .bmp to follow) 9-44.15.bmp 9-44.41.bmp
  11. Sorry to be a pain could you have a look at plane spinning at 31L and also arivals on 4L are taking quite some time to give the yellow taxiway route after the terminal has been allocated. I shall try and send a log file as soon as I can. RUNWAY 31l.bmp
  12. I know that you must be extremely busy at this moment, as the post title suggests the planes are spinning at runway 22L at KJFK there is a yellow runway extension line which is sending the planes into the spin. I am unable to produce a Bat file for this occurrence , I'm happy to say that all the installations of RT and KJFK are fine and working. Plane spinning.bmp Plane spinning.bmp Plane spinning.bmp
  13. Reinstalled Tower3D in to the default folder this is the SP2A, loaded the KJFK into the folder it suggested everything worked fine. I have not loaded Real Traffic. There are 5 JT1 aircraft at start, they all took off at runways 22L and 22R every thing looks fine at the moment apart from the yellow taxiway lines coming down the runway to the next interchange.
  14. Im glad to see that you have taken the trouble to respond to my post, I have just written a number of comments addressing the reply but I have deleted all that I had wished to say.
  15. I had to smile at your comments, ever since Tower3D has been on the market you only have to look at previous posts to see that people like myself have given information back to feelthere as to the anomalies within the ( game? ) and have had no or very little response only for joe public to produce a bat file. If only the powers to be could just take notice at what people are saying on the forum and admit that a few things are not working as they should, but then I do believe that feelthere think that Tower3D is working just fine and in some ways it does but it just needs polishing. As for the Pro version I shall still buy it and I'm quite confident that there will be a few tweaks required when it becomes available, then we shall voice our opinions and hope that Tower3D becomes a great ATC program in the future, it has the makings.
  16. Absolutely nothing. Apparently this was left on by mistake when they were developing Tower 3d, As you have found out not everything is working as it should be, well I certainly think so, I have used this forum to put to feelthere my points of view as to certain parts not behaving correctly as yet these items have not been altered but I live in hope.
  17. My apologies you are correct it is the mouse wheel that needs to be held down and dragged to move the screen, I always choose CLEAR on the command bar and make sure the camera icon is not displayed before dragging the mouse, I know it's a bit of a pain sometimes to move the screen but it does work eventually.
  18. The Manual doesn't cover everything in detail but the forum has lots of tips on finding covered workings, my tip is you can move the screens around and resize by right mouse button dragging on the right lower screens with the 3 small buttons. As for the camera if you have it highlighted it will go to aircraft that is selected either on the flight strips or the ADIRES screen, when it's not highlighted then you can move the main screen view to your liking by dragging the right mouse button. The small screens do not move to a second monitor unfortunately.
  19. Now i have everything working could someone enlighten me as to the meanings on the fflightstrips ie:FDX 3617 0710 KLAX M11/H KIND 0321 0004
  20. Could you tell me, will the new airport for Tower3D be installed in the Pro edition, if not, will the new airport be compatible with the Pro version for download when the Tower3D Pro becomes available.
  21. I see we have a HELP button on the Command bar : Interesting: I had a look at the manual via the link, my conclusions are that it obviously doesn't cover everything in the ( Game?) but is a good introduction. But may I be so bold as to highlight a few spelling mistakes , you did say " We decided to keep it online so we can edit it based on questions and suggestions from the community." OPens a subpanel to choose between taxi to terminal/gate/apron. It has the You can instruct airplanes to change pre-assigned landing runways. If you assing this command to allow reasonable time for the pilot to change the runway and the runway sis long enough for the specific plane to land then the pilot will accept this command and will line up to the intrsucted runway. It is your responsibility to maintain safe separation from other airplanes.
  22. I see we have a HELP button on the Command bar : Interesting:
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