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  1. With Tower3d Pro imminent, would you give some consideration to just having a Tips & Tricks section on the forum.
  2. After reading your posts I can sympathize with your situation which happened to me, in the end I uninstalled all Feelthere and the Nergesdesign add ons and started a fresh install and let Feelthere Tower3d install into the default directory. With a fresh download, it contains all the SPs, since I have done this I have had no problems at all. Best of luck
  3. Could someone please say something even if its just HI, Its been nearly a week since the last forum entry, with the anticipation of Tower Pro coming out soon to see nothing on the forum it's almost as if waiting for Xmas again
  4. Atlanta being the next airport for Tower 3d I have had a look at the taxiway procedures for this airport while we are waiting patiently for its release. The best information I could find is this http://www.atlantacenter.net/pilot-center/atlanta-tower Happy reading.
  5. Have you tried System Restore then you could see if Tower was working hopefully before the SPs were installed.
  6. I came across this article on runway use at KSAN it shows what is required using RNY 27 for landing, needless to say I am looking forward to either the SP to correct existing B6 or better still PRO so that we can use the runway as it is supposed to be used. https://community.infinite-flight.com/t/taxiway-etiquette/63787
  7. Im unable to change the voice within Tower3d but you can change the voices within Win 10 by Time and Language settings and add a language I have installed UK, US. and Australia voice packs giving me 3 Male and 3 Female to choose from.
  8. Yes I can see my spelling needs to be better, but then I had a go at trying to have a MALE voice activated in Tower3d with success, So if anyone needs any help with this give me a line
  9. I have just upgraded to windows 10 and as such can some one point me in the direction as to how I can have a mail voice in Tower 3d
  10. A multi monitor feature with Pro, Happy Days
  11. Thanks for that, will there be a fix to allow arrival aircraft to go further than B6 so departing aircraft can then taxi to RWY 27 rather than having a race to see who can get to B6 first, this is of course at KSAN
  12. Am I to believe that the feature for instructions for taxiway exits will be available as an SP for Tower3D
  13. It has to be Silina Airport in Kansas , 1 main runway plus heli pads, plus 3 small runways for GA aircraft , I do hope this is the one .
  14. Could you give us as to what we would expect to see with this SP thanks
  15. On the settings page I can select 2560x1080 for my Dell U2913WM wide screen, will you be able to select the correct resolution from the settings for your 34 inch monitor?
  16. I dont know if i'm adding fuel to the fire here but I had a few teething problems to start with by not letting Tower3D install in to the file location , Program files( x86) on c drive this being the default location. I then reloaded everything to the default drive no problems, I have loaded everything that is available at this moment in time everything is working fine.
  17. You have definitely bought Tower3D not the Pro version, The manual although its heading says Tower3D Pro this is an oversite when they produced the manual. as for the upgrade to Pro they have said Pro will be a standalone version, BUT and I meen BUT, they may do a deal for 3D users , please don't quote me on this issue but this is what I believe to be the case at the moment. Needless to say there are no voice commands with the 3D version.
  18. As the title suggests a plane has run into the terminal building, highlighted with the pink line on the screenshot. This did not affect the game itself. output_log.txt MXJ6864.bmp
  19. Thanks for the info, The strange thing is that on the RT facebook it says to download a new one, using the same wording as the last SP it is only the date saying 5 hours ago that gives a clue to the SP4. By the way it works a treat.
  20. Hopefully this may be what is asked for. tower log.txt
  21. Hopefully this is part of the log for KLM601, If this isn't any help I do apologize KLM.txt
  22. KLM601 is stuck at the end of runway 24R. ( LAX ). There is no yellow route line activated for it to move, As you can see I have tried everything to move it but without success. klm601 still stuck.bmp
  23. I thought instead of sending in logs and incorrect scenarios here is a screenshot that has none . Night view.bmp
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