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  1. I thought I would add something here, Tower 3d voices on my Win7 didn't work all that great in as much I could only get 1 voice so when Pro was coming out I installed Win 10. I have no trouble with voice at all, works fine just changed to US English that's it. So maybe upgrade to Win 10 just a thought.
  2. Just had 3 hour stint with Pro, you can now sit back, see the action and just give a few commands great stuff.
  3. Sorted, I didn't open Pro I just pressed SHIFT until the box appeared then followed the link to disable the sticky key
  4. Someone has said about changing the Shift button status so that windows doesn't show the message about using it 5 times or more, it's on the forum somewhere any help would be great.
  5. Have you noticed that the STRIP when on a second monitor doesn't show the details of Depart and Arrivals. On the main screen the STRIP allows you to choose either both Arrivals and Departures or just one. Im unable to show the Strip because I dont know how to take a screenshot of the second monitor.
  6. Im unable to move the Strip but the ADIRS moves as well as the DBRITE on to a second monitor. I setup the size screen in Pro to match my other monitor,that seems to have done the trick, then by clicking the icons either one seems to work it should go over, thats assuming that your second monitor is using the same graphics card. I hope this helps.
  7. Interesting where are the other screens and the command bar If ther on another monitor how did you do it.
  8. I thought I would update my findings, I have speech and everything regarding this seems to be ok. the only screen that I can't seem to move is the Strip to another monitor.apart from this Im ok. I see KSAN is being done with a SP. Thats it.
  9. Just received from Just Planes notice of an update for Real Traffic V1.1 dated 27th Feb. Question is do I need it for Pro, have I already download it when I setup Pro.
  10. The ADRIS screen when sent to a second monitor doesn't show the intersections for TIST ie, D,E.F I haven't looked at any others at the moment I hope this meets your approval.
  11. As you can guess I have just sent my first plane off using voice commands. If you have read my previous topic you will see that finding the correct callsigns is the key. KAT callsign is Capeair as for the rest I have a website devoted to aircraft callsigns on my other screen which if I get stuck a quick look at the site and im away. I have noticed that moving the ADRIS screen to a second monitor isn't displaying runway intersections. Apart from that its not looking to bad.
  12. Is there a list of callsigns, Its mainly to start speaking as the first command is Callsign, pushback approved expect runway, The callsign for some are on the manual but not all,The first callsign I have is KAT so it isn't Kilo Alpha Tango, on the voice it sounds like Killer1234 so until I know the callsigns its being hard going, any help would be much appreciated.
  13. Yes, I hear the click, its recognized that I am speaking but it is entering words that I have not said, if that makes sense .I have since been unable to move the strip screen to another monitor but I shall keep having a go at it.
  14. I must say well done, the downloading of the addons could have been better in as much I had to direct the files to the Pro folders but that wasn't to bad.The next thing I noticed is that the vertical scroll on the time settings work. this was one of my pet hates with 3d so nice to see this working, the multi monitor now works when in Admin rights, I had to change the sizes of the Adires screen and the other 2 but it now seems to keep these sizes and go direct to my other screen when hitting the icons. I now have voice but at the moment it doesn't recognize my commands this is something I shall have to sort out later.
  15. I had this, I opened Pro with Run Admin through file explorer, mind you it didn't recognize what I was saying but at least it's a starting point
  16. Any help with this, the screens disappear but to where. I have clicked the icon to move the smaller screens to another monitor.but thats it. any help would be most grateful.
  17. Just found the Pro download. Go to ATC suite, click on the large yellow tab for Tower3d, you will see the purchase tab for Pro.
  18. Thanks for the info I was anticipating deleting everything so the new Traffic, Colour will only see the PRO edition. I shall definitely copy and paste into the new PRO folder.
  19. Will Real Traffic installers pickup Pro rather than seeing Tower3d.come to think about it what of the other installers for the RealColour etc
  20. Well I thought I would have a look at Voice Recognition while I'm waiting for Pro, After setting up for the English US and going through the speech software I thought if I opened Wordpro and started with only the commands for Pro being 26 callsigns plus may be 26 runway headings, and about 20 or more other commands there is no need for the software recognition to know any thing apart from these commands,so at the moment I have spent about 2 hours speaking and changing incorrect words with the grand total of 3 commands. I can hear you say SPEAK UP then or words of the kind. This is undoubtedly going to be the most frustrating time ever. So my new attack on this is to start at San Diego with just the one runway. The amount of commands for initial taxiway heading with a few commands for takeoff hopefully I can get going with the minimum of commands and so only choose the required commands needed for software recognition. What do you think?
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