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  1. YES! This is great news. I am really interested in the development! Hope to see it soon.
  2. I am having a similar issue. I redownloaded RT and RC to install on pro to LAX and I am still seeing the generic a/c and color schemes. I installed it to extensions and airplanes directory as noted above. FYI, I had the same issue on Tower 3d, but I cannot recall how I got it to work. Any help is appreciated !! Steve
  3. Kev M, thank you for the input! have a great day man, steve
  4. Hello all, Just a question to you seasoned sim owners as to which headset to buy. I was looking for something that i could pick up at best buy, but i am willing to purchase on the net as well. thank you for all the help. steve
  5. thanks to all you guys for all the help. As a controller at San Juan Center, I can't begin to tell you all how much fun it is to have a program like this. hats off to the development team. Cannot wait for the colors. Steve
  6. ok, so i have made some marginal success. If i go to my c drive and find program files (86) and go to feel there and then to tower 3d and select the tower 3d with the square icon that is a window batch file and run the program, i get real callsigns and aircraft but all white planes. i also get voices too which is an added bonus because i could not get them before. here is the bat attached. thanks again, steve
  7. what exactly is that? I'm really the epitome of a noob here lol. steve
  8. thanks for directing me to this page. I tried to re direct the file as explained in the post above. Upon doing that, I activated the installer and the green progress bar only loaded a fraction and it said it was complete. But when i opened the simulator, i still have the generic aircraft types and carriers. thanks for all the input people!!! steve
  9. hey guys, late to the party on this one. I have windows ten and just downloaded the SP2 and real traffic add on. i am not the most computer literate so i am asking for some help of what course of action to take.What directory do i chose for the real traffic for tower 3d files? because i have downloaded the file twice and still not real traffic. thank you in advance for help and patience. steve
  10. hello all, This is my first time posting to this forum and I also just purchased tower 3d. wanting a tower sim for quite some time I purchased a new HP Pavilion laptop for it. Despite the spec of the computer being able to handle the program, I cannot seem to get the test speech feature to work. Planes do not check in on freq. or call up when on approach. Any help is much appreciated. steve
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