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  1. Thanks - just ordered a new upgrade PC with Windows 10 so it will be interesting to see (hear) improvement :)
  2. I am biased too being a Kiwi lol - any chance of trying out your schedule please? YMML always interested me even in my flightsimming days.
  3. Thanks for the info - getting my head around it. So Qantas and Qantas Link (regional) use different codes QF for the first and according to the master code list the IATA code for Qantas Link is J# ICAO is QJE which goes to terminal 1 at Melbourne.. the custom schedule i saw for melbourne is showing in the airlines txt: QLK, Q#, Q-LINK, Qantas Link, Australia and the Q# as the code in the schedule so its confusing...if we use the wrong code will it be like a white paper plane? lol... trying to figure out how to do it correctly
  4. Awseome - thanks, will check it out. Let me know if you want to try a MP session at some stage - never tried but some of the Youtube videos I have watched - looks crazy :)
  5. Thanks for the info..some of the custom schedules I have seen look like this: // Depart,Arrive,Type,Airline,Flight,Arrival,Departure,Duration,Codeshare PER,MEL,734,T#,11,00:03,12:00,1,T# What is the hash used for? I couldnt' find an explanation for this? Freight flights are they done in the same format as normal passenger flights? Thank you
  6. Thank you very much. I am a kiwi and was getting tired of Kansas instead of Qantas :)
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