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  1. How I understood it that would only work when each physical axis would be always mapped to the same axis control or if I give every profile its profile specific JoystickCalibration entries. Maybe I didn't explain it right. Let's say I have Axis 1-6 and they need their raw values for the 0-Position calibrated to 10, 20, 50, 20, 30, 30. A twin-engine GA aircraft will use Axis 1 and 2 for Throttle 1 and 2, so I calibrate in FSUIPC those Throttle 1 and 2 axis controls to the 10, 20 min-position. But now I change to a twin-engine airliner, this now uses Axis 3 and 4 for Throttle 1
  2. I thought as much. I have now found a tool called DXTweak2, with this I can at least line up a calibration points around the ends and a center point so all axes have the same physical deadzone. That already helps keeping it within an error of around 1% ingame.
  3. Is there a way to calibrate raw joystick axes like it is already possible with assigned axes like e.g. throttle with min/max and "Sync Pos"? I'm asking because the axes on my Honeycomb Bravo are a few millimeters off so throttle is not the same value at the same position, sometimes 2-3% difference. But due to different configurations the axes for Throttle 1 and 2 are different physical axes between different planes. I would need a profile specific JoystickCalibration for every single plane. It would be nice if there would be a way to pre-calibrate/sync all 6 axes before they are assig
  4. Sure, no problems. At the moment it's just an annoyance having to check if FSUIPC has crashed after a plane change or while shutting down and then having to kill and restart it. I'll post again if I see it crashing during "normal" operation and not just on script termination.
  5. Hi, I had random crashes of FSUIPC when using button polling on my Honeycomb Bravo. When FSUIPC is killing the LUA script (on exit or on a "reload" when switching between airplanes) sometimes FSUIPC crashes with this message: 188765 Lua threads being terminated: 188765 9 = "G:\MSFS\FSUIPC7\lua\test.lua" 188953 LUA: "G:\MSFS\FSUIPC7\lua\test.lua": killed 189515 LUA.0: Crash C0000005 at 7FFB15A75C57: "" As you can see at the "9 =" this was the 9th aircraft switch, it usually happens between 1 and 15 tries. The same can happen when closing FSUIPC. When it happens FSUIPC then h
  6. Since the latest version released I just worked on setting up the throttle, no long flights or anything. But I noticed with the new Version the ingame profile for the HC Alpha was filled again with the default actions, which is not good for the always-on-toggles. E.g. when the magneto is set ingame, it will fire constantly. In the FSUIPC event log you can then see the Magneto-Off event being fired all the time. Same with e.g. the Alternator-On toggIe don't now if this can cause problems, I removed the assignments again from ingame as I only use FSUIPC for any always-on toggle. I'm also u
  7. I'm still in the progress of setting it up, just got it yesterday. Like with the Alpha Yoke I think I'll need quite some special handling in LUA as there are again buttons outside the 32-button range and to get it working with automatic profiles for the different commercial/GA lever setups. But all in all it's great, much better than the simple Saitek Throttles I had before.
  8. If I see that behavior correctly it would just use my forward throttle as reverse throttle while toggled? That is not exactly what I wanted. I have the Honeycomb Bravo which has dedicated reverse throttle levers like in a Boeing, but they are not axis but basically a toggle button. Setting for this button "full reverse on press and throttle 0 on release" was working from the beginning, but I got those slight problems when I wanted to prevent engaging reverse throttle when I'm not near the bottom with my throttle lever and prevent setting throttle to idle on releasing the button when I'm
  9. Hi, I'm trying to create an offset condition so that is only true while I'm in reverse throttle. The obvious 1=W088C<0 UB,8,C65820,0 -{THROTTLE1_SET}- does not work, and the manual also says All values are treated as unsigned.. But I also tried W088C&F000=x1 or W088C>F000 or even W088C>16384 which I thought should work if the value is treated as unsigned. Any idea if this is possible? Thanks jaxx EDIT: Ok, the problem might be somewhere else. I get it working in some conditions, but it seems the release action is not getting executed when the button
  10. For writing I'm using offset.WriteOnly = true; offset.ActionAtNextProcess = OffsetAction.Write; If I remember correctly WriteOnly alone was not enough when the value I set to the offset object was 0. Probably that was not registered as a change from the default value and to force it being sent to FSUIPC I set the ActionAtNextProcess.
  11. I configured my hardware buttons with MSFS to control pushback and then when I tried the setup also with P3D it didn't work there. It seems the offsets for read and write pushback states are a bit switched on MSFS. E.g. when I'm reading 31F0 I get '1' for tail left and '2' for tail right. But to actually trigger the pushback I have to set 31F4 to '2' for tail left and '1' for tail right, so '1' and '2' seem to be swapped on 31F0 and 31F4. And when I set it up this way it did work in MSFS, but not in P3D, where it looks like it is not switched. This is with FSUIPC 7.0.2. In the
  12. Thanks, I tried it without a cache, but due to the SDK of the hardware I'm using that was not really feasible. Basically every item that is currently shown on the display is represented by an object that is only created while it's visible and then destroyed again, due to this lifecycle it would create thousands or more offsets if I would create them when needed. Also the Offsets are dynamic and can change on the fly if the user changes the settings. So now I'm using a cache where other instances can subscribe/unsubscribe to when they want to listen on an offset and this also takes ca
  13. The Hz/int offsets are already working for reading, for writing a 8.33 frequency I'm using a workaround by setting the frequency to the nearest lower 25kHz frequency via the standard radio offsets and then calling the control for radio increase until it matches the correct 8.33 frequency. This works quite well. Simplified example based on C#, but should be easily adaptable to LUA or any other language: double freq = 122.385; // example freq int freqKhz = (int)(freq * 1000); // 122385 int nextSmaller25 = (freqKhz / 25) * 25; // 122375 int remainder25 = freqKhz % 25; // 10 int steps = r
  14. Hi When I have to create offsets dynamically (from user input) and I have multiple offset with the same address and size, will this result in duplicate calls to FSUIPC and should I manage the offsets in a cache? Thanks jaxx
  15. I think the problem is that the effect of the control surfaces is way higher than realistic. The axis<->control surface mapping seems to be completely ok and linear if you look at the ingame movement in relation to the axis. But the aircraft reacts too sensitive when the control surface is just slightly moved.
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