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  1. *deleted* not worth the time to respond to.
  2. Think of TIST as a tutorial airport. It has very minimal functionality. In the past, whenever someone has asked a similar question to yours, the developer's response has been, buy the Atlanta or JFK add-on for more features.
  3. A minor suggestion... you might want to add the files to a Google Drive, then offer the link to whomever you share it with. This way all they need to do is sync the folder.
  4. I just tried KLAS for the first time and had this same issue. Was using 25R for departures and 1R for arrivals and neither ever triggered the action camera. Neither did any pushbacks or taxiing as is done on other airports.
  5. Hey Vic, this is very good news. Might I make a suggestion? Make sub-forums, Separate the games into their own sub-forums: FeelThere Support Forums -> ATC Simulators -> Tower!2011 FeelThere Support Forums -> ATC Simulators -> Tower!3D FeelThere Support Forums -> ATC Simulators -> Tracon!2012 This would help declutter the thread, and if someone forgets to tag their post, it can be easily categorized. Then in there you can create further sub-forums... Technical Assistance, Real Colour issues, Real Traffic issues, General Discussion, etc Thanks Jim D.
  6. Allow me to justify my statement. I do really enjoy the real life liveries, and seeing the planes taxi and such. But let's be honest... unless the aircraft is DIRECTLY in front of the tower, you can barely see it at all, if it's far enough away it look nothing more than a bare white plane, so the Real Colours add-on is useless. If Cinematic view could be the permanent view from all angles, then that would be another story altogether. On another note, if we are going for realism... it is not totally uncommon for a Flight Controller to have absolutely no visibility of the outside. Often a control tower will have 2 or 3 levels to it, and only the upper most level has windows.
  7. I couldn't agree with you more... I wish there was a way to disable to runway view altogether, I play with the 3 HUDs up and expand them to pretty much cover the entire monitor.
  8. Pan Am doesn't exist anymore... they went out of business in 1991.
  9. I may be wrong but I think this is done for a game mechanics perspective, so that you can simply tell a Rouge flight to Follow Company with a regular Air Canada flight.
  10. The problem is with the klax_terminal.txt file, using those 5 specified above, there are no terminals related to: ABX, GB, ABEX AIR, Airborne Express CKS, K4, CONNIE, Kalitta Air Therefore there is nowhere for them to go to when spawning for takeoff, or direct to when landing. To fix all of these issues at all airports, I've selected 1 terminal and made it a default catch-all terminal by removing any reference to all airlines (much like at TIST). This is what my terminal file looks like for LAX. Terminal_GA: GA Terminal_1: NAC,FDX,UPS Terminal_2: EIN,AMX,SLI,ACA,AVA,CHH,HAL,AIJ,LRC,QTR,SCX,TAI,TCX,VIR,VOI,WJA Terminal_3: AAY,BTQ,FFT,JBU,NKS,VRD Terminal_TBIT: AFL,BER,CCA,AFR,ANZ,AZA,ANA,AAR,BAW,CPA,CAL,CES,CSN,CMP,ELY,UAE,ETH,ETD,EVE,FJI,IBE,JAL,KLM,KAL,LAN,LPE,DLH,NAX,PAL,QFA,SAS,SWR,VOZ,WOW Terminal_4: AAL,SWA Terminal_5: DAL Terminal_6: ASA,QXE,GLA,BUG,UAL Terminal_7: Terminal_8: CPZ,MEO,SKW,ASH,UAL Terminal 7 is the said catch-all.
  11. To add to what winsaudi said, you might want to go through the Windows speech recognition training.
  12. If you're reading the email that says it will expire on X date, then THAT is your original download link. You should have your authentication code in there as well. It's still valid for 7 days, so you should be good to go.
  13. Just to clarify, he said in 7 days, that doesn't mean he bought it yesterday. The download links DO have an expiration date on them though. From the email I received after buying KJFK Color on August 29th "The above password information expires on Sunday, February 25, 2018. Please make sure that you download the product(s) before this date." The link leads to bmtmicro
  14. I was playing on KJFK, and an IHE flight (Intercopter) landed at the airport, however it was a blank white plane with no livery on it. I do have True Colors installed for all airports except KLAS.
  15. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose, but I thought I would let you know I found duplicate IATAs in the KLAS Airlines file. Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it could potentially cause conflicts. I did not look at any other airports as I assumed this one was the most recent and they all shared the same data for this file. Here are the ones I found: BLE 4Y BLUE BERRY Blue Line France RBU 4Y AIRBUS FRANCE Airbus France France SLI 5D COSTERA Aeromexico Connect Mexico UDC 5D DONBASS AERO Donbassaero Airlines Ukraine CAI 7H CORENDON Corendon Airlines Turkey ERH 7H ERAH Era Aviation United States CQH 9S AIR SPRING Spring Airlines China SOO 9S SOUTHERN AIR Southern Air United States LOF AX WATERSKI Trans States Airlines United States LOF AX WATERSKI UA EXP/Trans States United States BMA BD MIDLAND British Midland Airways United Kingdom BMR BD KITTYWAKE BMI Regional United Kingdom DTA DT DTA TAAG Angola Airlines Angola VSV DT VLASTA Scat Air Kazakhstan EMB EB EMBRAER Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica Brazil PLM EB PULLMANTUR Air Pullmantur Spain FJI FJ PACIFIC Air Pacific Fiji FJI FJ PACIFIC Air Pacific Fidji ATM FO AIRTAS Airlines Of Tasmania Australia FXX FO FELIX Felix Airways Yemen KOR JS AIR KORYO Air Koryo Korea JIA JS BLUE STREAK PSA Airlines United States NMI LW TSUNAMI Pacific Wings United States NMI LW TSUNAMI Georgia Skies - Pacific Air United States MAS MH MALAYSIAN Malaysia Airlines Malaysia MWG MH MASWINGS Maswings Malaysia SKW OO SKYWEST SkyWest Airlines United States SKW OO SKY WEST SkyWest Airlines United States SPR PB SPEED AIR Provincial Airlines Canada SPR PB SPEED AIR Innu Mikun Airlines Canada PAO PH POLYNESIAN Polynesian Airlines Samoa TDK PH TDK Transavia Denmark Denmark QXE QX HORIZON AIR Horizon Airlines United States QXE QX HORIZON AIR Horizon Airlines United States TCF S5 MERCURY Shuttle America United States TCF S5 MERCURY UA EXP/Shuttle United States TAT TA TACA COSTARICA Taca Intl Airlines Costa Rica THO TA LEMPIRA TACA De Honduras Honduras TAI TA TACA Taca Intl Airlines Salvador THY TK TURK AIR Turkish Airlines Turkey AJA TK ANADOLUJET Turkish Airlines Turkey THT TN TAHITI AIRLINES Air Tahiti Nui France TGN TN TRIGANA Trigana Air Service Indonesia UAL UA UNITED United Airlines United States TED UA UNITED Ted Airlines United States PDT US PIEDMONT Piedmont Airlines United States AWE US CACTUS US Airways United States UTA UT UTAIR UTair Ukraine UTA UT UTAIR UTair Aviation Russia MTW YD MAURITANIA AIRWAYS Mauritania Airways Mauritania MTW YD MAURITANIA AIRWAYS Mauritanian Airlines Mauritania MON ZB MONARCH Monarch Airlines United Kingdom MON ZB MONARCH Monarch Airlines United Kingdom
  16. Hopefully you saved the emails you received when you first bought RT. Find the one that had the download link and authentication code. Click on the link again, it will download the newest version.
  17. Do you have a release date, or best planned for the KLAS release? I don't even need an exact date if you want to keep that a secret, just trying to plan my budget accordingly. 1 week, 1 month, 5 months is good enough. Thanks
  18. What I've done and works thus far, after saying GO AROUND 1) "Aircraft" TURN LEFT/RIGHT HEADING [X] (I try to turn the craft so that it's 90 degrees from the runway, this can be done before or after the runway, as needed) 2) "Aircraft" ENTER FINAL RUNWAY [X] (The aircraft will automatically re-route to the beginning of the approach vector) From here you just have to wait for the plane to be lined up with the runway and issue landing instructions as usual.
  19. First I'd like to say that I am fairly new to the community, I only received the game 2 or 3 days ago and am still getting acquainted with the forums. If any upcoming features, fixes or timelines have been announced, I did not read them anywhere. I recently bought Real Traffic and Real Colors (vanilla airports) and wanted to add a few airlines to the TIST airport. I looked at the txt files, figured out how they were coded, and added Air Canada to TIST as a test. Everything went well, and I now have Air Canada flying out of TIST. I then read the schedule for KPHL curious of the times Fed Ex planes arrived/departed so I could play the game at those times. Unfortunately after several attempts, Fed Ex never showed up. I discovered that Fed Ex was missing from the terminal.txt file, added them manual and that fixed the issue. All that to say, that if you were not aware, Fed Ex (and possibly other liveries) are not landing/departing from PHL (maybe other airports as well). There were a couple of other things that I fixed, like adding a general terminal (blank airlines like at TIST) and adding GA flights to the bigger airports that were missing them... but I feel that was done intentionally. Thank you
  20. Hi Joe, You can ignore my request, I was able to find the files that contained the information and deciphered the necessary data. Thanks
  21. Hi Joe, Thank you for making these, it is greatly appreciated. I was curious, is there a reason that TIST was not included in the Airport reference cards? Regards
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