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  1. CL30


    I had this same problem recently. I uninstalled, and reinstalled (to the desktop, as recommended in the email) and it works fine now.
  2. Sweet!!! Looking forward to this one. Thanks for making it!
  3. CL30

    Look out MCO

    Really cool you looked them up online and got a pic from the ground! Thanks for sharing.
  4. That #5 would be a big plus. I've lost some points due to that one, but now I know to give a new hold short command once I let them continue. The next version of Tower should be a big improvement!
  5. CL30

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Agreed. Pete, sure, you're entitled to your own opinion! I think it's just how you're going about it - It's a bit abrasive. I'm sure you mean well, and no doubt lots of folks feel that way, but that kind of attitude doesn't really help the issue. 😉
  6. CL30


    Yes, all have N-numbers (if US registered), but not all have callsigns. Typically, it's airlines, charter companies, cargo operators, etc that use callsigns. As a private company, we go by our N-numbers, but we did look into callsigns a while back (not a requirement). Upon first contact with ATC, you're supposed to state your full N-number. Ex: Baron 123MC. After that, you can shorten it to "3MC." Off to bed, but holler if you need anymore clarification! 😉
  7. CL30


    True, except for the fact that aircraft, including N-registered numbers, can have callsigns.
  8. CL30

    Question for the Devs, re: forum

    That makes sense. I didn't realize that SimFlight was the owner, even though it's in the web address and name, haha. Thanks for looking into that, Ariel!
  9. I think I'm right there with you guys on the age thing! Oh, to be 30 again....hahaha. I still have to get the Tracon series. I've played a lot of other ATC sims and love them. Tower 3D Pro is so unique as I've never found another sim that handles the ground control aspect, and I love it, especially having flown in and out of most of the US airports before. It's fun to see the other side of things.
  10. Those are some great shots! Do you live near DFW then?
  11. CL30

    So, do you all....

    No, I don't. I'm usually so pissed off at the traffic for making me work hard that I just want to get rid of them ASAP, lol.
  12. CL30


    I can't say for certain that all of these planes go by the same call sign, but I do know a lot of them go by "Flight Check." They fly around the system and check/inspect instrument approach procedures, airports, facilities, etc. I went through International Procedures Training in Dallas last Fall and there were two guys in my class that did this. They were in a Challenger 601 most of the time, but they flew Lears in the past if I remember right. There are all kinds of aircraft types, however.
  13. CL30

    So, do you all....

    Exact routing I use. I have southbound planes hold at T first and northbound hold at S and then D before entering north complex.
  14. CL30

    So, do you all....

    Since LAX arrivals are usually slammed, I just let them land and taxi across. I've got a good system worked out now to where it's pretty simple.
  15. CL30

    So, do you all....

    Lmao love it!

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