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  1. I bought it, played it a few times, and never re-visited it again. When FedEx has their busy times, it's definitely a mad house. Outside of those times, it's pretty dead. (I don't think I used a custom schedule though.)
  2. Okay, thank you guys! Much appreciated!
  3. @vic I don't use voice. Can you tell us which runways will be unusable? Thanks.
  4. Okay, bought OMDB. Thanks, everyone!
  5. OMDB is the one I'm watching right now, and it does look like a good one. I don't really need good visuals as I always have the ADIRS so large, but nice to hear nonetheless.
  6. Yeah, think I'll pass then, thanks @DeltaVII !
  7. Good find, thanks! I'm watching several YouTube videos of various airports right now. Decisions, decisions, haha.
  8. What's everyone's opinion on Barcelona? Watching a video on it now and looks like a nice layout. Is it buggy?
  9. That's a great suggestion, and now I realize that I didn't say I was open to airports outside the US. I should've said I was open to that, so thanks for the recommendation!
  10. Thanks, yeah, I like LAX and BOS a lot. Just looking for something different. Might try MCO, guess I'll think about it and see if more replies follow. 😉
  11. Hey folks! I'm not sure which to grab next. Just kinda getting back into this game recently. I just bought JFK this morning, and I'm disappointed- lots of bugs with taxi instructions. What would be your pick for my next airport? I have these airports now: KJFK KSAN KLAX KLAS KPHX KMEM KBOS KPHL KATL Been thinking about MCO. How's RDU though? I'd like something that stays pretty busy with a good a/c mix.
  12. Ok, I figured that was the case, but thought I'd check. Maybe with the new TowerXXX coming we'll get updated airports, too. 🙂 A current Taxiway T and S at LAX would be awesome. Thanks!
  13. I know service packs get released, but just wondering if they will get updated to reflect new taxiways, etc. I'm playing LAX right now and the game version is much different than the current layout.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Currently sitting in a hotel room, Day 2 of 8...about to fire up some T3D Pro. 😉 ETA: Bought JFK a bit ago.
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