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  1. CL30

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    No problem. An actual "cross runway" kind of command would be nice, but this works just as well. One gotcha...some airports will have a glitch where the plane will taxi onto its departure runway when you have given these types of clearances. I've had planes taxi into the backs of planes that are in position for takeoff, which results in a crash. You'll just have to try it and see.
  2. CL30

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    You can do this now. You have to give the plane a HOLD SHORT OF clearance for either a runway, or taxiway, that's on the OTHER side of the runway you want it to cross. At LAX, for example, the plane lands 25L. You want it to taxi across 25R without stopping. Give it the taxi routing you want it to take. THEN say "HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY 24L" and it will cross 25R. It doesn't matter where on the airport the plane is going to, you just have to give a hold short command for some runway/taxiway off in the distance.
  3. Lol! Nah, just a slow climb. Very, very slow climb! Had to burn a bit of fuel off to get up there.
  4. Not really pics OF planes, but it's not every day you get to FL470. The winds were nasty yesterday, my friends. Only 99 knots yesterday up there....they were as high as 160+ knots during our climb to FL400. Went way up to get us home. I didn't fly this leg...I got the one going out with 160 knots straight on the tail!! lol My phone just did not do the sunset justice. It was beautiful! It's a bit wavy from distortion of the windscreen.
  5. CL30

    T3D KPHX Phoenix issues

    Since we're on the topic of aircraft performance, maybe someone could address the *cough* insanely slow *cough* acceleration of some of the corporate jets on takeoff. You'd think they were a 747, lol.
  6. CL30

    Been having fun with delays

    Sorry for not getting back to you quickly enough, but glad to see others have!
  7. CL30

    KPHX Bug

    No problem, thanks!
  8. CL30

    KPHX Bug

    No problem! Let me know if you need anything else, thanks!
  9. CL30

    KPHX Bug

    Found it. I have SP1 for KPHX. @FeelThere Ariel
  10. CL30

    KPHX Bug

    Thanks, will check...
  11. CL30

    KPHX Bug

    Ariel, I don't know how to check which version of PHX I have, but I just bought that airport very recently (first or 2nd week of September, I think), so unless there were changes since then, it should be the latest version. Yes, I get weird things happening every time I play PHX, but usually only at the Southwest Airlines terminals. This morning I gave the same taxi routing as above (Delta Sierra Echo to 25R @ E12), and this time the plane never taxied down Delta, it just made a hard left turn onto D10 or D11, whichever it was sitting next to, and taxied to the runway. The problem has been present as long as I have owned PHX, which is only a few weeks.
  12. CL30

    KPHX Bug

  13. CL30

    KPHX Bug

    This is my first bug report; really hope I'm doing it right, lol. I ran the game using the .Bat file and have the Output_Log attached. It's a YUUUUGE log file though...and I don't see any of the planes I was working. The date of the file actually shows a few days ago, so maybe I'm not doing that part right. Game version is SP 3.3c PHX, RT and RC should be the latest releases. I just installed PHX a couple of weeks ago (updated RT the same day, and purchased RC even more recently) , but not sure how/where to find version info to check. Description of problem: I assigned SWA 1431 a departure from 25R at E12. Original taxi assignment is taxi via Delta Sierra Echo. I did this to accommodate AAL 460 and AAL 925, and allow them to pass. I then gave SWA 1431 a Hold Short of taxiway D11 command. Once the AAL flights passed, I gave a new clearance to taxi via D11 Echo to the runway. This is where problems happen. In this case, SWA did a series of turns (in reverse) through the end of the terminal. It then backed all the way up the alley between two terminals, stopped, and then taxied normally via D11 and Echo. In the past, I have seen various aircraft do so much as to back up all the way across runways! (Pics added below, but no Output Log from that day) These pics show SWA as it was backing up, and then turning onto Echo like normal. Pic #1 shows the plane inside a terminal (ADIRS) Pic #2 shows the plane backing up the alley Pic #3 shows it after taxing normally via D11 and left onto Echo. It seems to be a problem for the game if you taxi aircraft West on taxiway Delta, and then a left turn onto either D10 or D11 and onto Echo. I've had many, many problems of 360s, planes not making assigned turns, or weird reversing across the airport in various directions like these cases. Below you can see SWA 1684, which was given similar taxi routing, had done a 360 in reverse, and then backed itself across Delta, Echo, the dirt, Runway 25R, almost hit a departure aircraft, the dirt, and only stopped when I gave a Hold Position command. output_log.txt
  14. Well, it goofed up again...
  15. Ok thanks. Of course, now that I'm playing again and trying to re-create the bug, it's working fine...so far!

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