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  1. I've heard "Rock Band" on frequency before, but never knew who they were. Any idea? Thanks for taking the time to make the custom schedule! Looks really cool. I still need to get PHX, but I'll put this to use when I do!
  2. CL30

    Help with Taxi to cross runways

    No problem! Hope it helps. 😉
  3. CL30

    Help with Taxi to cross runways

    For further clarification: If an aircraft has already stopped at a hold short line, CONTINUE TAXI command is needed to move them across the runway. If an aircraft is still rolling and has not reached the hold short line, give the HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY XX command and they will taxi across the runway without stopping. The hold short command has to be for the runway on the other side of the airport, even though they will never taxi over there.
  4. CL30

    Help with Taxi to cross runways

    You have to give the HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY/TAXIWAY XX command to each aircraft if you want it to cross the runway without stopping. Normally, if they are taxiing on taxiway Hotel, and their route to the terminal is H M B, they will stop at Runway 25R. You will then have to give a "CONTINUE TAXI" clearance to get them across. If you want them to cross 25R without stopping, then you need to say "HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY 24L" prior to them stopping at the hold short line for 25R. They will then keep rolling. Make sense? A bit weird, I know, but that's how you do it. I wish I could remember who I saw post this a long time ago. Credit goes to them!
  5. CL30

    Help with Taxi to cross runways

    Yep, kind of a weird way of doing it, but you have to give them a hold short command for a different runway or taxiway. If they land, for example at LAX on 24R and you want them to cross 24L without stopping, give them a TAXI TO RAMP/TERMINAL command with route of your choice and then, once the route has loaded, give them a "HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY 25R" command. If you give a command to hold short of a runway or taxiway that is further down the line, they will cross all holding points in between, even if that aircraft will not taxi to that side of the airport. Works really well. Here is a quick photo I made. Notice the commands on the top and the bottom of the picture. Hope that helps!
  6. CL30

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    I just made it through a 1.5 hour session (100% traffic, with RealTraffic) without any penalties, finally!!! Arriving 19L/R, Departing 28L/R. Finally got a good flow going, ground routings figured out, and timing of arrivals vs takeoff clearances. 🤩
  7. CL30

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Don't have my computer with me right now, but I don't think it would really solve the problem. They're taking forever to cross 1L/R after touchdown, which prevents 1L/R from departures as the next aircraft on final for 28L/R is already getting in too close. If they could code the planes to keep the speed up and slow after crossing 1L/R (like real life), then it's not an issue. Them exiting isn't a problem, just the time on the runways (like the issue with most airports in game). I've been away from the forums up until this week, so I'll see if I can go find that post you're talking about. Thanks!
  8. CL30

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    My two cents would be to put more effort into either releasing a new version of T3D, or correcting the current version instead of continually releasing new airports. I really don't want to come across as bashing the Devs at all- it's a great game, with tremendous amounts of detail and, no doubt, a ton of work and man-hours involved! Bashing is not my intent, and I hope it's constructive. What I mean by my opening statement is I would like to see them correct a lot of the headaches that we're dealing with in the current version, such as the slowww pace of exiting the runways, etc. I just downloaded KSFO an hour or two ago and spent this time playing it. If you're trying to run a normal flow (Arrive 28L/R, Depart 1L/R), it's pretty much impossible to play it. I have planes lined up on the 1s for takeoff, but I can't get them airborne because the planes take two weeks to turn off the runway, or they exit the runway PRIOR to crossing 1L/R, which is unrealistic. There's no way you can launch planes unless you get lucky and have a decent gap on arrivals. I'm experimenting with other runway configurations...I think the game allows for that (normally there are some runways they don't really use due to terrain), but it's frustrating to spend more money and find the problems are still there. More airports are certainly GREAT!!! However, I'd like to see the root of the problem fixed before releasing more airports, but again, that's just me.
  9. Thanks, Ariel, everything is working now. 😉
  10. Voices are working! I played for over an hour at LAX with no voices, and again, no output_log. I got frustrated, so I uninstalled the game and went back to my email for the download link. Something caught my eye while I was on the email. NOTE: Please pay attention to where your browser saves the file. We recommend that you select the "Desktop" location when the "Save As" dialog comes up. I decided that this time I would save the game to Desktop instead of allowing it to create its own folder. I've never noticed that before. Anyway, I checked out the Data folder first and saw an output_log file there! I got excited and ran the game- boom, voices! Now, another question... So I've got to re-install my other airports and RealTraffic now. Where do I need to install those now? Thanks again, everyone, for the assistance!
  11. Thanks for the suggestion! I normally do start it with the T3D app, however, based on some of these recent comments, I've been starting it with the Batch file. Still no luck. Gonna restart my computer and try it again as I forgot to restart it after these last changes. EDIT: Did a shutdown, restart, and ran the game again (Batch file). Still no output_log anywhere that I can find, and still no pilot voices.
  12. Okay, I went into all of the folders and changed the permissions as you said (they were not checked to Allow, but are now) and ran the game a couple of times (.bat). Still no output_log.txt that I can see. These two screen shots are from the Tower!3D Pro and Tower!3D_data folders during the session. I left the screen shots larger so that it's easier to see everything.
  13. Here is a screenshot of the main folder. I've looked in the _Data folder, and all subfiles/subfolders, and never saw an output.log file. I'm heading out of the house for a little while right now, but I'll run the game (.bat) again when I get a chance I will look again to make sure that I didn't miss the .log files somewhere. Thank you both for the help!
  14. Peabody, thanks for the help! So you're saying that in the main folder I should see all of those files? I have none of those. This is what's in my Tower!3D Pro main folder: mmwindow (folder) tower3d_data (folder) tower3d (.bat file) tower3d (application) tower3d.rec (REC file) Uninstall If the game/speech logs post to the main folder, then they don't appear. I looked for them while the game was running, and after exiting the game, and I never saw them. I've been through all subfolders, but still didn't see them. Using your help, I ran the Bat file (didn't get any logs though). Thanks!

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