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  1. Hi all, I think it is best we have one place for a complete list of those custom schedule's already developed (and future ones). Therefore I have created a blog post (linked below) which I will keep up-to-date with the aid of community developers. Complete Custom Schedule's List PLAYERS: Support is provided on the airport timetable thread by the developer (i.e. the link found on the table on the blog post above - "Complete Custom Schedule's List"). DEVELOPERS ***IMPORTANT***: When you create your own custom schedule post on the forum, please make sure to include "CUSTOM SCHEDULE" in the title along with the airport ICAO code so it is easy to identify. This also allows your schedule to appear in the "complete list" link on the blog post above. Not required but HIGHLY recommended: To achieve maximum compatibility for users who wish to play your schedule on multiplayer; it is recommended you create "hourly snippets". Between 3-6 hourly snippets should suffice, depending on the number of flights within the time period of your schedule's hourly snippet. For example; create your schedule, provide the full timetable "schedule.txt" but also provide hourly snippets: 0600-1000, 1000-1400, 1400-1800, 1800-2200 or similar depending on the flow between those hours. These can also overlap as well; e.g. 1000-1500, 1400-1800 and 1700-2300. Why do this? It helps prevent long loading times and loading issues; i.e. a schedule not loading and players getting disconnected (see here for an example). Not required but recommended: Please provide a chart or table of your timetable (hourly is suggested) so that it is easy for users to pick a time slot to play. If you have any new schedules, either PM me the link or DM me it on the Multiplayer discord server so I can update the blog post. If you would like me to add special developer notes to the blog post (or amend what I have stated already), please feel free to PM or discord DM me and I shall happily do so.
  2. Added @hexzed's recent KJFK schedule
  3. Added @Jason-118's EGKK schedule to the list 🙂 Well done Jason on completing this.
  4. Added @battlehawk77's YMML weekly schedule 🙂 Thank you BH!
  5. @Pringle, I was going to do one but with the bugs in place in the base game; the likelihood of it being successful was and still is extremely slim so I decided not to bother. I haven't even bothered purchasing EGKK or other DLC releases since. There are a lot of community members who are awaiting the next version of the Tower series due to these base game bugs. You will find many posts about these bugs; if not soon discover them yourself.
  6. pete_agreatguy

    custom schedule questions

    No problem 🙂
  7. pete_agreatguy

    custom schedule questions

    How ... did I miss this important bit out 😞
  8. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/boston-ma/02108/hourly-weather-forecast/348735 Boston (BOS) Airport Capacity Profile, 2014 and ... How Logan Operates ... will be of use 🙂 Credit goes to @crbascott 🙂 as he shared these on the Discord MP server 🙂
  9. pete_agreatguy

    custom schedule questions

    Use this document to work out the airliner codes. You need to edit the "schedule.txt" and "airlines.txt" (if required) where necessarily.
  10. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For EDDM/MUC v4.0

    Works fine on others, therefore logic dictates there is something wrong with your file 😛 Anyway I just edit the airlines.txt file accordingly. I can never get that one to be recognised lol. Even in crbascott's KLAX schedule.
  11. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For EDDM/MUC v4.0

    Blame Ben and his wonderful voice for that 😄 I have the same trouble with his airlines.txt files. Come on Ben! 😉 Fix it! 😄
  12. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For KLGA/LGA v2.0

    In my defense, if the simulator understood a clear runway after an intersection correctly, I would not have had a minus score. 😉 I see, they are meant to be like that 🙂
  13. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For KLGA/LGA v2.0

    Couple of minor issues here Ben: 1) Skywest aircraft appearing on the strip as SKD instead of SKW 2) NKS Spirit Wings aircraft appearing incorrectly on the strip info: Not had much running on this yet though.
  14. Loads fine for me. Make sure you installed all the required files. READ the readme file 😉 @Tommy2604 Also make sure all your addons are up-to-date 😉
  15. Updated date for @hexzed's TIST release Added @battlehawk77's KBOS weekly schedule
  16. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For TIST/STT v4.0

    Updated main list. You weren't joking were you? 😉
  17. Updated the date for KLGA v2 by @hexzed
  18. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For KLGA/LGA v2.0

    Hello, keeping me on my toes eh? 😉 I will update the main list 🙂
  19. Added @battlehawk77's CYVR schedule 🙂
  20. Fair enough 🙂 Points understood 🙂
  21. Contemplating adding a rating system? Give us a like on this post if you (as custom schedule developers) agree with having a rating system 🙂 If not, leave a comment below 🙂
  22. pete_agreatguy

    Expected level of traffic at KPHL with default install

    Those that I posted above are my recommendations. NOTE: KLAX has 130 aircraft in that hour 😄
  23. pete_agreatguy

    Expected level of traffic at KPHL with default install

    Good move @blacklabelbraai
  24. pete_agreatguy

    Voice recognition

    Well others haven't reported this. Their issues have always been solved by referring them to the main thread as I did in my original post found here:

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