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  1. Thanks, can you explain how to change this? Where do I take the file from and place it where exactly?
  2. @Bjoern2I'm not sure if you are using the Mods in P3D v4, but the night floodlights are not working for me... Can you confirm they are working for you?
  3. Thanks this will be a service pack on top of this release?
  4. OK in the E-jets they were compatible so hopefully in this case as well
  5. Does it include the E145 variant or the E145 XR only? Are the Mcphat liveries compatible? Thanks! Shom
  6. @FeelThere Ariel I mean the MCP color, resolution and lack of 3D buttons on it. It is not near the level of the rest of the cockpit.
  7. @Roger C @scoobflight I've noticed the spoiler does not show for me on wing view (when looking from inside the cabin outside the window) unless extended over ~75%. However, it does show correctly when looking from external spot view/ control tower etc... (as long as not from within the cabin).
  8. Sorry back on topic, great work Bjoern! Do you think this will work with a future P3D v4 update as well? There was a Mod created for the E-jets FS9/FSX version which works perfectly in P3D v4.
  9. Talking about the ERJ v2... any news on ERJ for P3D v4? Is it planned?
  10. Scoob/Ariel on the same subject - please please please :-) can you consider a release of a simple fix for the MCP color? The color does not fit the rest of the cockpit at all... Thanks again, Shom
  11. Hi, First, big thanks for releasing the E-jets for P3D v4! However, I did notice a few issues related to the wing view (which I use a lot) - 1. In the E175 - spoilers (once deployed partially) are not seen from the wing view (they do show up in external view though... weird) 2. In the E195 - wing lights are not aligned with the wing tip - they seem hanging in the air (wing view only as well, external view is fine) Thanks & looking forward to the ERJ 145 for P3D v4 as well Shom
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