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  1. I believe Navigraph have 2 different installers for Feelthere (for previous generation aircraft) just make sure you are using the correct installer. I have 2013 but it works fine for me
  2. How do you make the FSL spotlights to work with the aircraft? Or is it implemented by default?
  3. Mine as well, not only that the installers once opened also indicate SP2
  4. Is this update available for all variants? The E170/ E-190 file is named old_users
  5. @FeelThere can you detail what was fixed as part of the FD improvements?
  6. Great work as usual! Where can this be downloaded from?
  7. Will the coming SP introduce v5.2 compatibility?
  8. Shom

    EMB145 for P3dv5

    It works by just pointing the installer to the P3D v5 root folder. Only thing that doesn't work are the external lights.
  9. Thanks will try it out by the way found another thread in the FSlabs forum recommending 50% rather than 20%
  10. Thanks Matty where do I get these settings?
  11. Can anyone using active sky comment if they managed to reduce the turbulence effect by changing specific active sky settings?
  12. Shom

    ERJ-145 & P3D v5

    Installed it seems it's working fine aside from the night lighting, pretty much unflyable at night
  13. Hi, I know the ERJ-145 is not officially compatible with v5, but is it functioning if installed into P3D v5 root folder? Thanks! Shomron
  14. Strobe look flashy (like they are still the default ones). They don't look as near as the ones in your video 😃
  15. Thanks @atav757 but after replacing these 2 files I'm missing your main improvement which is the white beacon flashing led light... Is this compatible with P3D v5? This may be the issue as I'm using this version
  16. OK I managed to reproduce this w/o FSL Spotlights. Seems like this is happening at a certain angle when there is lighting on the aircraft coming at a certain angle. It comes and goes. Hopefully FT can tackle this one
  17. It disappears the moment I disable FSL Spotlights via the in-sim menu
  18. This is only using FSL Spotlights correct?
  19. Make sure you put the details as requested (first and last name etc...) otherwise automatically you will not get access
  20. I had the same issue but a computer restart solved the issue for me I believe (or disconnection of the controller)
  21. Thanks Vic, you mean Active Sky parameters? Any specific slider?
  22. Hello, Wanted to get feedback (I assume mostly from people flying the aircraft IRL) - the e-jets seem to be pretty sensitive to turbulence meaning real shaky when taking turns and there is a small tendency to start a turn to the left which stops (also when cruising). Is this expected? Generally the aircraft feels really light and is easily affected by the env. Thanks for any feedback
  23. @Jeffrey S. Bryner thanks again for this great lighting enhancement. Question - could it be the E170 download link does not include the correct file? I've noticed it is identical to the E175 ini and when using the E170 at night within P3D the lighting isn't correct/ some lamps don't work. Thanks for the help
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