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  1. Hi, Did the sound logic change or should v3 be compatible with the TSS E175 Max edition? (Supported v2 previously) Thanks!
  2. @FeelThere any chance pinning this topic? 🙂
  3. Shom

    Auto break

    I don't get it I saw a stream down by Chewwy and the autobrake automatically moved back to off after takeoff
  4. In the older version (v2 on P3D v4) I used a separate gauge add-on called door control. It adds a window from which you can control each door separately. I'll have to search for it and post it here...
  5. Thanks what about the other reported issues related to the flight dynamics and flap animation?
  6. Is it possible to have a sticky subject with the ongoing releases for the E-Jets v3? For understanding of what was fixed, what's in progress etc...? Thanks much!
  7. I was referring to the switches sound... Immersive Audio products have raised the bar for these 🙂 TSS is indeed a great addition I have their max edition for the E175 and I think its one of their best products so far, wonder if it will be compatible
  8. VC indeed looks much better but it's a bit disappointing the screens and sounds remained pretty much untouched Hopefully these will be improved
  9. Great news looking forward to the release! Is there an expected discount for P3D v4 previous version users?
  10. Is there a plan to make them compatible? v4.5 was released long ago... I plan on getting the new E-Jets version but the ERJs are not getting a remake
  11. @FeelThere Ariel so the older P3D v4 port over versions of both the e-jets and ERJs are compatible with P3D v4.5?
  12. @FeelThere Ariel are you referring to the new version done with Aeroplane heaven or are you planning to update the existing as well for P3D 4.5?
  13. Thanks so it made sense these did not work for whoever owns only the E145LR... Moderators - maybe the installer should be fixed or maybe you can pin this so other know this fix....
  14. Just to update this thread seems this is not an issue with this specific aircraft as it occurred also with others. Looks like may be REX Skyforce 3D related - will take it with them in their support forum. Thanks for the help!
  15. Thanks for this! Can you paste the new entries which are working for you?
  16. @FeelThere Ariel I remeber stumbling upon a a thread indicating some wing light texture files are missing in the installer when compared to the FSX version. Is this the case? Indeed I found no E145 texture files in the P3D/effects folder.
  17. OK, can you please point me to the relevant folder(s)? Aside from the one located under Simobjects/airplanes ?
  18. I did, got the exact same file name (and size as well).
  19. I will try doing so. So I have the correct file? erj145-p3dv4-2 should not be erj145-p3dv4-3 (supporting P3D v4.3)?
  20. OS: Win 7 64bit, CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K, GPU: EVGA Nvidia 1080Ti, RAM: Kingston 16GB, SSD: Samsung 850 500GB
  21. I'm certain I got the P3D v4 version - this is the email I got - Embraer ERJ145 P3D4 version Product Information And this is the file name - erj145-p3dv4-2
  22. I've purchased it from your site (BMT Micro orders) 2 weeks ago so I assume I got the recent file since v4.3 was released long ago? Is there a specific file name I should be looking for?
  23. It has reproduced also during taxi (only thing I was doing was panning around the cockpit).
  24. Hi, I've purchased the ERJ v2 recently but getting unpredictable CTDs when using it with P3D v4.3. The sim shuts down suddenly with no trace and no error. There is also no error in the event viewer. Weird thing is it happened yesterday while the simulator was paused (after a couple of mins). Could it be a memory leak or something? Shom
  25. Hi, The E-jets battery sound is too loud in the cockpit. Can anyone suggest how to lower the volume of the relevant file? And if not feasible/too complicated how to replace the file with an empty/mute one? Thanks!
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