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  1. as said to me so many times :), can you upload the output_log Two things to look for w/o output_log. Are the airlines actaully assigned to a terminal, and the old problem that if you load a schedule for a day, there may not be enough open gates to accept incoming planes.. which we can easily see in the output_log.
  2. Try the Fremont Server. that's where I got it
  3. I did have to fill in the blanks from the original mail, links didn't seem to work
  4. I did download it just before I posted it, so here are the screens, (Downloaded on laptop, these screens are from my Desktop) I have no idea about Real Color, haven't bought the airport, so no point in buying RC yet
  5. Waiting for the video, I used Flightradars dep/arr, and it just says : ERROR: All forwarded flights were filtered out or wrong data source was selected. this is what I put in, I just copy/pasted the next few flights after the whole hour
  6. Strange... I seem to remember that they actually don't block each other, but I mostly send the heavies to A1 (and M4 short of M1) and the non heavies to A1 and A2, so it maybe happening with Heavies on A1 and A2 They block taxiway Alpha (as I mentioned somewhere). For N2W, N2E and N1 I just send planes to txw B by AB7 or K1
  7. More things I noticed, not sure if this is actually normal, Look where the little speedbird is holding short, shouldn't he be a line closer...and then planes can actually pass behind him instead of blocking txw A
  8. I don't want to go in a whole discussion about where planes take of, I have been looking at Heathrow today where they are actually using 09R, and then mostly from N11. Fact is, Planes in game can't do that, because they first have to roll to N8 to commence T/O
  9. Planes definately use full lenght (your pic has one lining up) Interesting read : Runway uses on Heathrow
  10. Taxiway S and A13 seem a little bit to long.. or the runways to short. This basically means that lining up will take some time
  11. Things that can happen with the builder, illegal cloning in Seattle? 🙂
  12. Methinks you should read the FAQ on the builderpage... they both don't spell EHAM 😛
  13. So..even after sooo many hours... I still get surprised sometimes... a plane disappeared well// just decided to turn of the transponder?? Not on ADIRS..but it is definitely there on Delta5 !12:50:35 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 t: T_GA9 r: 25R * EC-UIV => I try to go to terminal! EC-UIV output.log
  14. A Plane with command: LINE UP AND WAIT BEHIND NEXT LANDING AIRCRAFT, will start rolling onto the runway the moment the landing plane goes to STATE_LAND. If you look down, 194 went to STATE_LAND at 27:04, and that is actually just before he touches down (there is a moment just for touching down where the option Go Around is no longer available). 8 seconds later 1400 starts rolling, and because there is almost no runup area to runway, 1400 is on the runway before 194 reaches Tango, probably just clipped the nose?
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