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  1. Voted Yes 🙂 List could use a concorde, a connie, a DC-3, and /gasp a Fokker or two 🙂
  2. I'd rather not have the narrowbodies taking all those sweet Big gates 🙂 Luckily some will only spawn there, arrivals just goto the normal terminal
  3. My solution was, as a response on Pete's Custom schedule Posted July 11 Thanks for the schedule, some little things I changed (of course I did) I also put QFA in Terminal 2, Terminal 1 only has two Heavy gates, and QFA tends to have more Talking about Heavy gates... T3 and T4 don't have any, while both VOZ and JST do send heavies here.. workaround is to use the cargo-terminal for those...
  4. Follow-up... Seems there is a Service Pack Incoming ATC JOE EGKK Video All my reported bugs have been fixed //close topic 🙂
  5. New Version up, with Terminal,Airplanes and Airport files. Also... some random thoughts added.
  6. I installed LFPG, LFPG-RC, EDDM-RC.sp1 and RT on this PC, wasn't near it for some weeks (works fine on laptop)
  7. somehow, my real colors are gone... first on LFPG, so I tried Canada..and gone as well and when going back to main menu, airport selection is replaced by Option A, B and C.. (and don't tell me to reinstall the game.....because that is always the easiest solution to give..but takes a long time these days with all the addons) output_log.txt
  8. I found out that the default RealTraffic Terminal file is not correct. padG is basically the GA-terminal. It won't accept the airlines it currently has assigned..well.. the planes actually, but I doubt Air Canada flies props into Paris 😛 in depth analysis coming, as a new Terminal file... when I am awake again tomorrow
  9. Something to consider, in my own schedule I noticed something strange with the terminal file. from your file: Terminal_padG: AAR,ACA,AIZ,SQP,TVS,WJA,XLF padG only accepts small planes, like GA and props, this is also faulty in RealTraffic (just wanted to inform you, this is not the place for bugs-analysis)
  10. Hello Everyone TL;DR-version: Here is a schedule for LFPG, from 16 augustus 2019 : LFPG-ADR Consist of a complete day-schedule and 4-day snippets starting every 2 hours, except the nightshift that lasts 8 hours. You have to have RealTraffic installed of course, just copy the 4 txt-files into your LFPG-folder, for the snippets, use the appropriate lfpg_schedule.txt Some remarks for the designers: In the airlines file, Air Next has the code 7A. Air Next ceased operations, and code 7A went to Tunisia Cargo ; XRC, 7A, TUNISIA CARGO, Express Air Cargo, Tunis In the airlines file, JAT Airways has been rebranded to AirSERBIA ; ASL, JU, AIR SERBIA, , AirSERBIA, Serbia In the airlines file, Air Chatham has the wrong code, it should be 3C not CV ; CVA, 3C, CHATHAM, Air Chathams, New Zealand In the airport file, Setif has the wrong code, it should be QSF ; QSF AIN_ARNAT_AIRPORT_SETIF_ALGERIA 36.10 N 5.19 E DAAS In the GA-file, there is an Air France Plane I couldn't find two planes in the planes list; the new A359-1000 and the E175S There are some bugs, most noticeable taxiway 1S, but that needs a bug report. Very nice Airport to play, the French really love numbering every street.... Question: is the RT-schedule the following planes look for Terminals in the game? I noticed that planes will first goto Terminal 2, not Terminal 1, but still prefer to goto 2A before 2J when I changed those around in the terminal-file. I Guess the priority is hardcoded in the game, not in the file. //END REMARKS I am crazy, so I give you this: RED= Heavies // WHITE= Normal Jets // GREEN= Small jets/props I would have loved that 1remoteS would have been after the rest of Terminal 1, so I could use it as overflow, same for padH, would loved to have used that as overflow for padQ. But it seems the game has another priority. pad G is the GA-pad, although I also let GA go to cargoI, in case of bigger planes Terminal 2J is mostly useless, It used to be the terminal for Joon, HOP and Luxair. But Joon and Airhop now use AFR flightnumbers, JOON being completely absorbed. I still use HOP in my schedule. But there are almost no small planes HOP uses into CDG, mostly E190. Most of the Terminal will not be used beacuse of that. I Noticed that when planes go to their Terminal, they first look if a spot is available for their size (e.g. a 737 going to Terminal 2K will first look if gates 7,11 and 17 is available before going to the lowest available gate) If a plane needs to go to a Terminal where all gates (available or occupied) are to small, it will randomly go somewhere (e.g. an Airbus 388 with padG as Terminal, will randomly spawn somewhere on a Heavy Gate, but if has 2B, and the two Heavy gates are occupied, it will not spawn, no available terminal) I designated ASL Airlines France as a Cargo-Airline, they have some passengers flights, but most of them seem to be cargo. Also, this day seemed to be Cargo-light. I didn't changed the GA-file (you can delete the AlphaFoxtrotRomeo flight yourself) As for the airport itself, Taxiway Sierra-1 seems to be not working, and getting planes from 08R to use taxiway ECHO is also problematic I suggest to let them hold short of TANGO, after which they will see ECHO 😛 ) At the Moment, Terminal 1U, and adjacent gates of 1T and 1V are not used, I think 1U is actually being rebuild? Also 2B is out of use. I still used them in my schedule, because I would have had a problem with all the AFR-flights TIP: if you play this, use 09R/27L for all flights that go to North European (start with an E, like EHAM), the Americas, East Europe (starts with U) and far east destinations. Have fun
  11. I actually don't think this is game-engine-related, more that some gates where not defined to accept heavies, which I guess/hope is just a toggle between maxknot 12/23/34? ...but, I ain't gonna hijack this thread for bugs in the DLC, that should be it's own post 🙂
  12. Thanks for the schedule, some little things I changed (of course I did) I also put QFA in Terminal 2, Terminal 1 only has two Heavy gates, and QFA tends to have more Talking about Heavy gates... T3 and T4 don't have any, while both VOZ and JST do send heavies here.. workaround is to use the cargo-terminal for those....
  13. and you also have VACATE RUNWAY LEFT/RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY ##
  14. I am pretty sure I made a mistake somewhere, but I made this when EGKK came out egkk.bmp
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