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  1. TIL that two different airlines can have the same IATA code. "After an airline is delisted, IATA can make the code available for reuse after six months and can issue "controlled duplicates". Controlled duplicates are issued to regional airlines whose destinations are not likely to overlap, so that the same code is shared by two airlines. The controlled duplicate is denoted here with an asterisk (*) following the code and in IATA literature as well."
  2. According to ... well.. according to Wikipedia.. they both have IATA -code OY... that seems weird .. to IATA.ORG IATA search OY according to this Omni Air has an asterisk... what does that mean?
  3. @nyergesdesign ANS112 is just flying around because they are not assigned to a Terminal (bonus picture of me after giving it a place to go) ...and just after posting... ANS is supposed to be Andes Líneas Aéreas (ANDES).. this is an Omni Air Airplane
  4. Right.. got the L/G problem //I do like the airport, just saying that 🙂 HAL181 going North on L and HAL236 going south on G... both planes stop. Although on another play they started moving after continue taxi command.. didn't happened here output.log
  5. Yeah... thought so, haven't seen them operating from east to west yet... Still.. wouldn't they be using 22L.. and if the plane takes right F.. well.. I guess we can send them over 4L to D.. just wondering if the F-loop above 4L is connected... more testing coming in TESTED: ..well..landing at 22L exit a F... HAL19 cannot even go on that loop... both Taxi to terminal and taxi to Terminal by F D A let's it turn right onto 4L towards D
  6. Don't actually know if this is only this airport, have never encountered it before. CWP645 is clearer to land 8L // CWP 645 is told to exit at G // HAL272 is waiting at 8L@H with command Line up and wait BEHIND next landing aircraft because CWP 645 is a slow AT4 it actually stops landing halfway RB and H // HAL272 Lines up and waits...BEFORE CWP 645 actually reaches H (Giving CWP 645 a stop command and letting HAL272 take of after that gives me a penalty) output.log
  7. Growing List. Plane landing on 22R exiting Right at F couldn't find Terminal output.log COMMAND: HAL19 TAXI TO TERMINAL 10:00:05 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER t: gate_45 r: 22R * HAL19 => PARSE CMD: TAXI TO TERMINAL 10:00:05 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER t: gate_45 r: 22R * HAL19 => STATE CHANGE from STATE_WAITING to STATE_TO_TERMINAL 10:00:05 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER t: gate_45 r: 22R * HAL19 => SAY: TAXI TO TERMINAL HAWAIIAN ONE NINER 10:00:05 * HAL19 => ADD HISTORY: HAL19: TAXI TO TERMINAL HAL19 10:00:05 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER t: gate_45 r: 22R * HAL19 => Start calc route from: F start idx: 60 10:00:05 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER t: gate_45 r: 22R * HAL19 => Calc from: F HAL19 => ERROR: Road calculation error!! 0
  8. Quik Review: I like it, potential to be a favourite due to cargo and small props, saying that, some quick things I noticed 717's can get squeezy if they encounter each other on L and G above LG.. they stop.. but a CONT-Taxi helps. Planes landing on 4L with a gate at the C-taxiway can only use A as exit? so.. a small Cessna has to use the whole runway // D and E exits are not working? Real Traffic is not that busy.. about 30 planes max/hour, definately needs a custom schedule (hard to get now), I think 80-100 planes/hour is easily feasible here. 30 makes it a little bit boring I studied HNL last few days, 717's tend to take of mostly from 8L@L, just as props coming from north side. Non-Heavies use 8L from A or V , Heavies and South side jets use 8R, props from southside use 4L/4R.. incoming planes use 8L or 4R haven't seen aproaches from the west jet Sometimes heavy cargo will go right at the end of 4L ..yes i know, but i don't have an output log atm, these are just some things I noticed
  9. Pretty sure this intentional, so you can use it as a taxiway and A/C landing on 04R/22L can use it to exit the runway I have played EKCH a bit, but actually didn't encounter this problem, does it occur with the gates near the start of 12?
  10. So, the base game is free, but getting to checkout I got:
  11. I can not replicate error, do you have the outputlog?
  12. ...seagulls... also..nice that arriving aircraft can exit at runway 30 when landind on 12/30
  13. I think I should have added more smileys... that was not a serious remark form me
  14. tbh, to bad for the penalty, but it makes it interesting... and more real-life. Nope, your gate is occupied ho left Lima, hold short of T10 and wait a while 😛 (yes, I know you can't move it)
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