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  1. ashman99

    KJFK RC Update

    I was able to download the new JFK RC. However, I heard through a post that the Alaska 739 had the new blue tail livery in the update. I wasn't able to see it when I played... I wonder if this could be another case of the yellow spirit livery when adding a zero? Not sure? I was able to see all the other new liveries though.
  2. ashman99

    Real Color "Survey" - New Liveries?

    It would be awesome to see the new Southwest Heart livery in the simulation. It came out in 2014 and still using it today. You still see some canyon blue livery as special decals but the prominent livery is the new Heart livery.
  3. ashman99

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    I see what you mean; I personally hope that we don't have a full rotation either. But I'm not sure if it's just me, but I really enjoy the separation of gates at LGW. It was easier to make the terminals more customized according to terminal gate locations for airlines. It was something that I'm a little annoyed with in KLAS at Terminal D. You have random DAL, UAL, FFT, and NKS planes scattered everywhere at random gates. It would have been cool to see them customize that terminal a bit more to separate the airlines and organize them according to real world terminal spots.
  4. ashman99

    Seeing Doubles - Tower 3D Pro

    Oh I see.
  5. Thanks! I read up on the forum; I still had all RC packs installed so I just followed the Zero rule and it's working fine now. Thanks!
  6. ashman99

    Seeing Doubles - Tower 3D Pro

    Full day. Other planes from other airlines are doubled over as well. Westjet was just the only airline that I tested to see if it was a scheduling error. Delta's PHX terminal is jammed packed with delta planes when I first load in; which is not realistic for Delta at PHX.
  7. Spirit's A319 is updated to yellow in game already? Or are you talking about real life..
  8. So just sort of curious of the responses I'll get when I ask this but has anyone seen double aircraft when loading into a session of Tower 3D Pro? At first I thought it was just a scheduling error but I can't seem to find out whats causing it. For example; to test; I had added 5 west jet flights all different types of planes (Ex. 1st flight a 736, 2nd flight 7M8, 3rd flight 73W) separate hours throughout the day to one terminal only. I took all other airlines away from that terminal so only Westjet parked there. The first jet arrived at 930am and would depart an hour later before the second jet would arrive. I loaded a session at 8am so that there shouldn't be any aircraft parked at the gates. When it loaded I saw that the terminal had 3 west jet aircraft already parked there a 736, a 7M8, and a 73W; all same aircraft of the first 3 flights that were suppose to land. However the last two flights apparently were so late in the day that they weren't doubled over. So as the sesson progressed, I had 4 jets when the first flight landed when there should've only been 1. I'm hoping that I am making sense in all of this. I can take pictures but my concern is; if other airlines were stationed at that same terminal and it had doubled other aircraft; then those are filled up gates that then other flights that are suppose to land won't because there is nothing open. I'm just want to see if anyone else has had similar issues and if they had found a way around this. Thanks, Ashton
  9. ashman99

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    You never know! I've only heard of rumors and ideas on the threads about the next Tower version, however there has been no indication that they have actually been working on it. If I'm wrong, inform me otherwise, honestly I would love have the new version out sooner rather than later. Not sure, but Gabor is working on another Euro airport I believe and Feelthere still plans to release YVR, MEL, and DXB through the current version (And I'm excited for MEL). Even if it took 4 months to release each airport, (some have taken longer than others due to limitations on the engine of the game) you could still have the current version by next year. I guess I've already accepted the fact that we might not have the new version anytime soon and so yes if that's the case it would be nice to have updated versions on current airports. I thought that's what this thread was about? Inputting ideas for future updates in Tower?
  10. ashman99

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Good Catch Gary, you are correct. According to Delta News Hub (https://news.delta.com/delta-selects-airbus-a321neo-narrowbody-fleet-renewal) the 321 neo wont be out until first quarter 2020. The Plane spotters.net lists some as Neos but don't think they actually are in pictures. However, it would still be cool to see the new Delta 321 Neo in Tower since they will be close to coming out especially if it takes 3 to 5 months in between each airport release. They might be out and in service by the time another LAX or MCO update is released. Just a thought! Ashton
  11. ashman99

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Here is the file Input for the Delta A21N, most spotted at KMCO, KLAS, KLAX, KMIA, KFLL (Atleast to PlanSpotters.net). I only recommended for MCO, LAS, or LAX since those are the airports we have. NEO_RC Requests.xlsx
  12. ashman99

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    I'm gonna add the Delta 321 Neo.
  13. I was going to choose EDDM however; it would be really cool to see the Southwest Airlines Livery get updated so I chose MCO. I love frontier in tower because there is a different livery for each class of jet. It gives a bit of variety. It would cool to see that with other airlines as well. (JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest)
  14. ashman99

    EGKK is OUT!

    Weren't they thinking of creating Melbourne? I thought there was one airport listed for Southwest Pacific area.
  15. ashman99

    EGKK is OUT!

    So, to clarify; when trying to send aircraft to 26R for takeoff; the flight will inform tower that they don't want to take off from 26R at all?

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