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  1. If you're basing the opinion off the most international traffic of the selected airports then I would say LEBL has a good mix of constant international traffic. At least I thought so.
  2. You can always add a simple GA departure before the arrival you want to see come in to get around those issues. I know it's not what you want to hear. But a possible outcome until something changes if it does change.
  3. Oh of course! I know Gabor is a busy guy with upcoming projects. Honolulu and aloha sparked my interest. Glad to see it wasn't forgotten about!
  4. I'm sure with everything that has been going on this thread has probably been put on the back burner. But with the recent update from @FeelThere about the new Honolulu airport in the works. I remembered about the Aloha 737 getting selected and thought it would be a cool airline to see once PHNL gets released. Any news on when the retro list will get released?
  5. Definitely interested in the Honolulu Airport. Been waiting for the return of USA airports!
  6. Just tried it out and worked like a charm! Can't wait for other airports to be released for schedule creations! The only suggestion I'd say, and it's definitely not a must have, but once the schedule is created, to have it organize it from start time to end time Example: PHL, STT, 752, AA, 2521, 07:09, 12:00, 1, AA STX, STT, CNT, 9K, 8164, 07:27, 12:00, 1, 9K SJU, STT, E90, B6, 1362, 07:43, 12:00, 1, B6 Instead of mixed up: MCO, STT, 319, NK, 262, 08:25, 12:00, 1, NK SJU, STT, E90, B6, 1362, 07:43, 12:00, 1, B6 MIA, STT, 752, AA, 1947, 08:57, 12:00, 1, AA SJU, STT, 320, B6, 1430, 09:25, 12:00, 1, B6 It's just easier to look up the schedule once playing.
  7. Played it and loved it! Honestly can't wait to play this schedule with the updated BCN liveries hopefully coming soon!
  8. Ehh I'd have to disagree with that mainly because even though I enjoy seeing Heavys fly in, most airports in game can't handle only heavys so to have a mixture of both various aircraft sizes helps fill gates to see a variety. Plus, if you had that vote in the poll and only one aircraft type was nominated, you might get fewer people voting. Having a variety allowed more people to vote whether we liked the results at the end or not.
  9. Deleted message due to not realizing that it had already been answered by Gary. Haha
  10. I know when I bought my new computer and had to re install everything, unless you personally input the install directory to the correct filw when going through the install progress, it automatically creates a separate "FeelThere" file on your drive and leaves them there. I had to look for them and pull them over into the correct files. I'd try searching for them first and if you can't find them then try installing again. Once I did this, all my airports showed up correctly.
  11. A simple easy answer for you @ATC AlaskaGuy is to look it up in the main airplane file for JFK. If you do a control search you will see that there is no LOT 763 in the RC JFK file. Hence why you are getting white planes. It could just be an accidental error in the list.
  12. What do you mean? Real Traffic is already out to reflect the new RJTT airport being released, hence why Gary updated the list to show new liveries and aircraft. You just need to re download the real traffic through the original link that was sent to you in your email in order to apply the update. 🙂
  13. It looked like a close race on both ends. US list had a 8 way tie. I was curious if any last votes would push any of those up. Guess not. KLM took lead fast and stayed lead the entire time. It's the only one that had a significant gap between another livery. I'm happy with the results. I might not use all of them but I might use most. 🙂
  14. Hopefully rather sooner than later. In a couple of months, most of the voters might forget about this poll after its over hahaha.
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