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  1. ashman99


    I have an uncle that pilots for Southwest. And I remember he has told me a couple of times that they get priority clearance for takeoff at LAX over delta because their pay clock starts when the wheels of the plane leave the ground where most airlines pay pilots as soon as they leave the gate. So LAX tower helps them take off a bit sooner. Edited:" so I try to base it off that when i play LAX."
  2. ashman99


    When you say that "it's not toooooo far off" are you implying that you think the next version is right around the corner? Because no offense to the devs as they have made a great game and continue to work hard in this current version. There has been no indication that the next version is around the corner. I think that's why Lewisboy is asking permission for a select few to enhance the current airports because the next version is still very far off from being released. I understand about not wanting their IP out openly but FT still has plans to come out with airports for this current version that they haven't publicly announced yet. And during that time they will work on updates for us customers. I don't see it coming any time soon. More like 2 to 3 years away. I've only got my hopes up on which airports they announce; not the next version.
  3. ashman99


    I wasn't aware it was in tower2011 as I never had that. I wonder why they took that feature out for an updated version. You'd think that they would include all their cool features into a better version of the game such as Tower 3D.
  4. ashman99


    I would pay a high price to have access to that! Or the ability to edit terminal gates within the airports. That way I could separate the terminals out to customize certain airlines to certain locations instead grouping 60 gates to one terminal file and having a variety spray of different airlines all at one terminal. It looks weird to have 4 different united jets all at different spots of the terminal like we do in MCO and LAS. Looks more realistic to group the airlines together in individual pier terminals like LAX and PHL.
  5. ashman99


    After watching AT Control Joe's video; I'm definitely even more excited for CYVR. My only request for future airports is that you code certain gates to be heavies only. My issue with ATL; PHL; and PHX is that you sometimes have big jets mostly Airbus a330 types that are coded to park at small gates. For example at PHX you have a BA 744 landing and you have it coded to park at any gate within the smaller terminal. There's a large international gate available but because of they way you code the gates the game makes it park at any available gate which are mostly small crj gates instead of the larger gate. This makes it look abnormal and causes other planes to not be able to park at their assigned gates. At EGGK you made a change that I love;.. you actually separated gates by themselves rather than just adding them in a large terminal code. This way you were able to pair heavies with bigger gates and smaller jets to the smaller gates. You even made an a380 gate all by itself specifically for Emirates. This is what I'm talking about and would love to see in the future for airports. It's makes it realistic and your airport looks clean.
  6. ashman99


    The video must have just posted today because it wasn't there when I made the post.
  7. ashman99


    I agree Timmy; I did see Shangi as an option and hopefully would love to see an airport in Asia. For my choice; even though I'm American I want a South American airport. I want US Airports too but I know they would never get made but a South American airport would be cool. I just flew in Puerto Vallarta and I have to say it's a beautiful airport; small but has lots of traffic due to it being a vacay spot. Also Cancun would be cool to have. If we went down further south. It would be cool to control Lima or Rio! Hopefully they will get to these airports as well.
  8. ashman99


    Oh Cool!
  9. ashman99


    How long ago was that? I looked on their page and couldn't find anything. I kept scrolling and scrolling down and didn't see that. Can you post a link or snap shot? Or anyone else confirm that vote? Thanks!
  10. ashman99


    Yeah I already assume it will be within the next couple of years before v2 comes out. But here's to hoping that they will get tired of working and trying to fix the errors with v1 that they will just work on v2.
  11. ashman99


    As far as I know, they have Vancouver, Dubi, and Melbourne left to make internationally that they have announced and then they might return back to American airports or by that time maybe the next version will come out.
  12. ashman99


    So I was just curious if there had been any updates for CYVR. I don't want a release date as I know I'm not gonna get one. But no one has been talking about it and on the feelthere forum website as well as blogs sent out; they noted they were in final testing stages way back at the end of March and it's May now. I just wanted to see if any Devs could confirm if testing had been successful or if they are still trying to find someone to test it. Usually when AT Control Joe posts a video of an airport online it usually means it's about ready to be released. The pictures showing the terminals make it look pretty cool. Thanks, Ashton
  13. ashman99

    Delta A220

    I'm not gonna lie; I was a little disappointed when EDDM was chosen for a repaint update. Mostly because Delta's new A220 are already in service to some of the US Airports like BOS and LGA. It would be really cool to see it added into the game. I've had a chance to fly in it already and it was pretty awesome. Here's a link for information on some of the routes that Delta has announced that it will fly. https://thepointsguy.com/news/first-delta-a220-routes/
  14. Level has already been added into Tower 3D. If you purchase the LEBL real color file; Level flies in there. Its classified as an a332. You can download the updated list on at the very beginning post on this thread and you can view all the liveries that they have in the game currently and which aircraft they company flies with to which airports. You have to purcahse the airport's real color files in order to get that aircraft with that livery. Hope this helps!
  15. ashman99

    T3D! CYVR

    This is probably a long shot; and I'm not entirely sure if it's the games current engine, but do you think they will attempt to add Vancouver's water airport for the seaplanes that land there? That would be pretty cool but like I said; it might not even have that capacity to achieve that.

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