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  1. Wow, thanks @EliGrim! I appreciate you doing that
  2. Thanks Ben. I'll try that out.
  3. Does anyone know the in-game name for the bypass Taxiway for CYVR? It's next to the Tango Taxiway near the intl terminal. It doesn't appear on any diagrams that I can read or in game. I would really like to utilize that route if anyone knows it.
  4. So I know the lights on the 737-700/600, A321/21N have been on since I can remember but I sort of assumed that eventually it would be taken care of. Unfortunately it hasn't. So this is just a request to hopefully take care of the 737-700/600, A321/21N lights for the next RC or SP release for the game. The tail lights for the 737-700/600, A321/21N are on constantly no matter the time of day. I wanted to see if you could correct them and have them off and only turn on when other aircraft turn on their tail lights? It's just weird to see them on at 11 in the morning on a clear day.
  5. Actually it shows it being released now on the FT website
  6. No, this was something special with the main help and idea of @hexzed that we are able to do this. Edit: Also wanted to add credit to @EliGrim for iniating the 25 liveries as well.
  7. I personally like this forum better as there are more members of the community that get on here and are helpful with questions. I also seem to find out information from feelthere a lot quicker than steam due to the fact that its the official support forum like @scoobflight mentioned.
  8. It would be cool to have a similar poll for future airports that we could all vote on aside from the airports that FT devs want to transfer over from T2011.
  9. Check to make sure the correct type of plane is inputted into the schedule file correctly. I accidently once put 380 instead of 388 for aircraft type in a personal schedule and it came out a white plane. Because 388 is registered as the a380-800 models that have the liveries. Just a thought.
  10. Ben, do you think depending on the mass amounts of user requests for liveries, that gabor is willing to increase the user list any more from 15 to 17 or 18? I definitely don't want him creating 84 separate airlines but its definitely going to be a big poll to just get it back down to 15. If not, no worries. I thought I would at least put that question out there. Ashton
  11. Okay I decided to give and just place one more on here. Add a bit more variety between North American Airlines and European Airlines. B757-200, 752, MXA, MX, MEXICANA, Compania Mexicana de Aviacion (Left Side) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mexicana_Boeing_757-200_Webb.jpg (Right Side) https://www.planespotters.net/photo/013881/n762mx-mexicana-boeing-757-2q8
  12. That's a great surprise! Do you think you guys will implement the new terminal 3 since its currently being constructed for the airport?
  13. This was a transfer over from a different thread: @hexzed Was the BCN RC update list ever finalized from the requested entries? Haven't heard or seen anything regarding that. Wasn't sure if it was forgotten about and moved on with the new Retro RC poll going on.
  14. @hexzed Instead; I'll just create a new forum for that question instead of having the convo on here.
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