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  1. ashman99


    CDG has a beautiful airport layout; everything is wide spread. I've flown in there a couple of times and it's always been enjoyable.
  2. ashman99

    EDDM Update

  3. ashman99

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    This is really Cool! Most American Airports I know the terminal layout. It's easier to see airlines at specific gates. But international airports are a little tougher for me. By chance @Pedantic G did you pe4sonally make this? Or get it somewhere? It would be nice to have it for other intl. Airports like BCN; EDDM; and MEL.
  4. ashman99

    EDDM Update

    Just for future reference. Devs don't give out specific dates for future releases on the forum. We had an issue with that late last year in which a date expectancy was given out to the public and then it wasn't completed by the date and a lot of people got mad. Thus you can expect not to get any sort of specific dates in the future.
  5. ashman99

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, etc all are a series of computer programs that come in a packaged deal that yes, you have to pay for. If you are a student, some schools do provide it for you. My college gave us the 2016 download for free. If you are simply going to purchase it for only this purpose; Google has a free online web based version of this same package; however, it's not as nice looking and a simpler version. I personally don't like them but liked I noted, it's free. (Don't be fooled by online downloads from off site sources, Mircosoft has never once given out a free download for these so don't believe anyone out there giving you a free copy; most are filled with spyware on their downloads)
  6. @alaskaGuy2018 If you really want to make a schedule based on YMML so bad and you can't simply wait for @Pedantic G to come out with his. You can easily look up the different liveries in the airplanes list; research the different codes from the airlines txt pad or online and create or update your own master list that way with the new airport assuming you already have YMML. All the information you need and that Pedantic G gets from is already at your own fingertips. I'm sure this is how Pedantic G does it or something similar when creating the master list.
  7. From when you posted this, you say that MEL is coming out sometime this weekend?
  8. ashman99

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    The way that I have wrapped my mind around things with the new version is thinking in terms of the business and market demand itself. FT is still able to make a profit living off of just producing dlcs only. It definitely takes time to produce airports but nothing nearly I assume as working on the next version. If you take their previous game TOWER2011. They produced multiple airports before coming out with Tower 3d pro (which was considered the upcoming version). I expect a lot more dlc's to come out before any REAL mention of the new version is considerably talked about. If FT was somehow hit to the point where no one wanted anymore dlcs then they would be forced to spend time on the next version and produce a better engine. But like @crbascott stated; there are still customers out there that aren't bother by the current game's engine enough to stop buying the dlcs FT are producing. Hence why I've made one suggestion for the future version and haven't said anything more about it.
  9. ashman99

    Tower 3D PRO

    Okay thanks! For some reason I wasn't seeing them in game. I'll check to see if I listed them incorrectly in the files.
  10. ashman99

    Tower 3D PRO

    Just curious, does Titan Airways have a livery? Its listed in the master airlines list as well as the airplane text file. I tried testing it in game for their 752 and their airbus fleet but I don't see them in game. Can anyone confirm that they have liveries? I know some of them in real life have EasyJet liveries. Is that the same way in game too? Are they mixed in with the Easy Jets? Ashton
  11. ashman99

    CYVR gate issue

    If you are referring to the jazz Dash plane in the picture; I don't normally see the Dash jets have usage with the jetways in game at any airport.
  12. Something I tried for the heck of it was to swap out some of the dh4 for crj 200s to see if the cr2 JZA would park in the smaller gates (which realistically size comparison of the gates; the crj should definitely fit into) and found out that the crj200s can only park in gates were it's big enough for the crj9 and bigger. That's just how that chose to code CYVR though. 😕
  13. Ben, are you allowed to list the new liveries that we will get to see in the in the new EDDM airport? Or any updated liveries from current liveries already in game? Ash
  14. ashman99

    what can cause this in the photo

    Well the other reason why planes park in weird areas are due to the gate codes listed at each terminal in the airports. At PHX in real life BA flights park at the same terminal as all the crj planes. But in game it can't specifically tell BAW to park at the big gate due to its coding structure. Vic has said that they will give access in the next version back to gameplayers to tweak it out and to code specific gates with relative size in aircraft. It would be awesome to have that ability now but I guess we just have to wait! That's just another reason why planes are sandwiched in together when they aren't suppose to be.
  15. Because it's considered a Seasoned airline. If you look on Wikipedia transat flies to a lot of places but there's not a lot listed in the original schedule because I don't think they list the seasoned flights for certain airports maybe.

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