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  1. I believe the updated traffic for ODMB is included in the current Real Traffic file that is already out. But you will need to re install it after installing the updated RC pack. :)
  2. Wait EGKK was released? I know @ATControl -- Joe mentioned in his video that they were planning to come out with an SP but didn't have an exact date of it being released.
  3. This is just a minor add On but still a wish list item. I had already added my list to the pile earlier but thought I would add just this one as well. It would be nice to have more weather options but more importantly it would be cool to have the option to tell airlines to taxi to the decicing station area before they take off. Certain airports that accumulate a lot of snow have planes taxi to that specific area before takeoff. Once again this is just a minor add on. Not too of the list important but would be a nice little feature.
  4. Gary, I just wanted to clarify on a repaint listing in your OMBD section. So I noticed that Athens Airways is coded as a 777 with IATA code as ZF. However, in reality ZF is used under Azur Air which is a Russian Airline. And I know that Azur Air flies into DXB. However, I could be wrong; are these one in the same? Or is there really a Greece airline out there that uses the 777? Ashton
  5. I agree 100% with graphs "selling" schedules. Especially a graph showing statistics of independent days if it's based of specific days of the week. If you want a good example; look at Gavin's (@battlehawk77) KRDU schedule layout he recently posted.
  6. Are you asking for someone to create a video to showcase the airport? Most of the time @ATControl -- Joe launches videos of Tower 3d pro on his YouTube channel of different updates of airports and such happening here on the forum. You can follow him there and see which airports he broadcasts. He recently just did an updated one on Gatwick.
  7. I'm not sure if this Asian airport is going to be the last airport before they will So let focus on tower 2011 airports but it would be nice to have a Mexico or South American Airport. Not sure what other people's takes are on that?
  8. That's a good question; I've thought about it myself in considering purchasing the RC for krdu. Although, I'm not sure which RC is updated within that pack. It would stink to purchase it and still have issues with updated liveries not appearing. Also it's unfortunate to keep having to purchase RC packs when I already own what seems to be most of the US airline liveries and can run KRDU with other liveries that I've already bought previously. Let me know if it works for you if you decide to purchase the RC pack for krdu. Hopefully, when Gary (PedanticG) has time to update the RC master list, this can possibly be a key indicator to answer your question. However, I know he, along with the ND team are pretty busy. krdu also was the newest release so I know in time it will be updated.
  9. Thank you for posting the discussion thread associated with the issue. @tbruno19; this is a great link for a step by step play in getting around your particular issue. As @crbascott mentioned, we are now getting to a point where we are seeing updates over lapping updates. It would be nice, when RC SP updates are published, that your entire RC system is updated with that plane livery so that we don't have to worry about going into files and changing on our end to see the liveries we purchased. @crbascott, I don't mind putting it in the wish list thread if you haven't already.
  10. It's still the same issue Tbruno19. At first, this same issue did occur with me in my game play. However, when you edit the SFO texture file name number and make it to where it's the last number (Which is considered the most updated RC file texture according to Tower3d Pro) then it works just fine. However, because the united 738 was not updated with the updated texture as in cyvr, at least in my gameplay it now over laps the updated texture of the new livery and shows up as the old one. But in your case, to answer your question the Southwest Livery will show up along with all the other ones that was updated.
  11. I just wanted to inform Feelthere that on their RC web page for KRDU doesn't show any pictures of actual real color liveries for the aircraft like they normally have. It's the same pictures as the vanilla liveries. Not sure if this was on purpose or not. Web link to FeelThere KRDU RC: https://www.feelthere.com/shop/air-traffic-control/tower3d/real-color-krdu/ Best, Ash
  12. What you are seeing is the 737-700 tail light. It's on all 737-700 aircraft regardless of the repaint as it's part of the model scheme. I believe its only the 700 series though. I could be mistaken though. Maybe Gabor and the ND team can take a better look at it.
  13. Gabor, May we ask which of the repaints that Hexzed listed were chosen to be repainted? Ashton
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