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  1. Hi, I got this fixed. Turns out that has been my fault all along. DOH!!!! I used the Microsoft speech engine speech dictionary to add words to help with recognition thinking (stupidly) that it would help with the computer better understanding what I was trying to say when using London Control ATC Sim. The readback didn't affect LC as it uses a different system for pilot comms. These were mostly airlines and sector names with a few numbers. After going demented trying to find a solution and many, many uninstall/reinstalls I came across by chance a post on a website, on an unrelated issue, that suggested to someone that the entries in speech dictionary might be an issue. I deleted all the words I had inputted and now everything works. Did not think the TTS engine would be using words I put in and confuse itself. Completely threw me as it wasn't happening with Tower3D. Moral of the story: Don't dabble in the unknown. Useful if somebody else has similar issues. Redwood Three Seven One. WHOOHOO! Thanks and sorry.
  2. Hi, Yeah, being old has it's issues. ;>). A lot of older stuff stopped working after XP. London Control was another. I use to get almost 100% recognition with that. Down to about 35% now. Results in some interesting conversations and a few near mid air collisions. Good for opening menus and files to blank out the screen while controlling. Tracon is still playable as it understands me, it is just the readback that is the immersion killer. I still enjoy it and haven't even played half of the add on sectors yet. Ah well, off to give Redwood B7Mullens some radar vectors. Many thanks
  3. Hi, Just did a reinstall of Tower 3D. Never thought to try Tracon when it was uninstalled. Might be, although I can't remember it being an issue before. Pretty sure I had Tower 3D before Tracon. But I'm getting old and I could be mistaken. Might try if I ever do another reinstall. Cheers
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this issue? If not then it narrows it down to a problem with my computer's speech engine. Thanks again
  5. Hi, Yes, set to US English. It is weird as it use to work flawlessly. Tower 3D is perfect with the text to speech and I have no issues speaking to or hearing replies. Callsigns, numbers, runways, taxi instructions are all perfect when read back. I realise that it is an older program and Microsoft have updated their Speech engine since the XP days. Also have issues with London Control due to it not being compatible but that is mainly with that program not understanding what is being said, no mispronunciation from the "pilots". It worked great under XP. Typical, that MS couldn't make their Speech Engine backwards compatible. With Tracon, the "pilots" can understand what is being said, it is just their replies are a mixture of sense and nonsense in the same sentence. To give you an idea here are some examples of what I think they are saying from LAX sector 0700 arrivals. Redwood 371 = Redwood B 7 Mullens AAL 185 = American Mullens Deep Funny Citrus 49 (Niner) = Citrus Fuller Niner Atis Info TANGO = TANGLE If others have no issues then it must be at my end but I cannot figure it out. It is annoying because I know it use to work. Uninstalled and reinstalled language pack and set everything up again but still same issue. Thanks for your time on this.
  6. Hi, Forgot to say that the issue seems to affect numbers more than anything. Sounds like one becomes "mullens" four becomes "fuller". It is difficult to pick it up exactly. Down to "funny" hundreds which I think is supposed to be down to 800s. It's after five minutes of mispronunciation that I give up Thanks again
  7. Hi, Thanks for replying. Will put both replies here. Purchased Jan 2018 but not from FeelThere. Sp1a on installer. Sometimes when there is a newer version of anything bought from Just Flight they email to say but I suspect I may have the newest version. The "pilots" respond to what I say but their reply is a mixture of what I say and nonsense. Readback was always good before. Strange. It has been a while since I played it and don't think I have since Win 10 upgrade so can't say when it started. If nobody else has issues with Win 10 then don't know what is causing it as Tower 3d is almost 100% speaking and readback is all OK. No issues with hearing what is said by the "pilots". Pretty sure it is not a speech engine issue with windows. I did a fresh install with no add ons (have RT and other sectors) but it is the same. Tried various compatibility mode settings but no difference. Thanks again
  8. Hi, Just got back into using Tracon 2012 but have an issue with the the text to speech engine in it. It use to work great but now the messages are a bit garbled and it appears to be swapping out words for what it thinks it is suppose to be. Will understand what you say but the responses are not what they should be saying. Don't have this issue with Tower 3d so not my set up. Can hear and speak great with that. Almost 100% speaking and text engine is crystal. What is the latest release version of Tracon? Checked all the usual suggestions and even a complete reinstall. Anybody else having issues? Thanks
  9. Sorry, should have been 32 GB. Original post now edited.
  10. Hi, Same issue. Not a major hassle but if it helps specs are: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K @4.20GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 32 GB RAM
  11. Good news. Plenty to keep busy with in the USA. Been waiting for a non US airport and this was a welcome surprise. A few more hours can't hurt, can it? Gimme gimme gimme now, twitch. ;O) Many cheers
  12. Hi, Can confirm Steam still has issue with no EDDM. Wish I had seen this thread before buying. Hopefully will be fixed soon.
  13. 72Mb patch downloaded on steam yesterday. Just checked and it is SP 3.3c which according to Steam was released on 21 March!!!! Don't know if it is an updated SP or Steam has been really lazy in updating. Auto updates are turned on. Can't remember which SP was displayed on the front screen prior to yesterday. Anyway, appears to have fixed, for now, the problem I was having. Cheers
  14. Hi, Latest patch appears to have fixed the 72% issue. Tested KJFK, KLAS, KSAN and KSFO and all loaded ok (JFK failed first attempt). Tried numerous times exiting program, restarting and selected affected airports. So far all good. :O) Many thanks
  15. Hi, I'm not sure if this will be of any help but the following airports all stop loading for me at 72% using Stormy Weather. KJFK, KSFO, KLAS and KSAN. If I start TIST, KLAX, KPHL, KATL, KBOS and KLGA with stormy weather they load OK. The interesting thing is if I use one of the airports that work then exit to the main screen and then load KJFK, KSFO, KLAS or KSAN using stormy weather they then load no problem. (Still unable to upload any logs due to restriction on file size). Many cheers
  16. Hi, Still too big. If nobody else is having this issue then it must be something at my end. Will play around and see if I can fix it. Might have been the latest Nvidia driver update. When I have time I'll install an older driver and see if it fixes it. Cheers.
  17. Hi Vic, Forum won't allow me to upload the output log. Keeps telling me file is too big. Only allowed to upload file size less than 20.48 KB. File size is 664 KB yet the file in the OP post is 576 KB!!! Any ideas? Thanks
  18. Hi, Back to locking up at 72% when stormy. Tried what I did yesterday but didn't work this time. Have uninstalled and reinstalled KSFO but didn't fix it. Can't upload output file as it is too big! Anybody else having this problem? Cheers
  19. Just tried again. Changed DLAA to FXAA in advanced settings and loaded ok. Changed back to DLAA and loaded ok. Don't know what caused the lock up this morning but seems ok at the moment. Could crash the next time, who knows? Cheers
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