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  1. Departure runway is 31, affected taxiways are CY and F. Yes. At first i did not issued it as i expected the planes to stop at the runway then i see they lining up without any hesitation. After i issued the command with no effect. Finally i had to depart them from taxiway W where they hold automatically. Try to provide it during the weekend.
  2. Hi, faced with some taxi issues on KLGA. I apologize if these are mentioned before. Planes departing from the Marine Air terminal cleverly hold short of runway 4, but then never move with the command continue taxi again. I have to re-assign them to the runway to let them continue the taxi. Another issue is on RWY31 at taxiway Z...planes are enter the runway w/o any clearance even after the hold short command For example at W everything is fine. Thanks in advance,
  3. Love MUC as it could be tricky sometimes and also love it in real life. SFO is crazy, so love it as well. Also fond of LAX due to the runway configuration.
  4. thanks for the reply. i saw a video on youtube, probably created by Atcontrol...he was able to use center2 by spoken command. maybe that is the only possibility to select it directly.
  5. Hi! I am not able to choose taxiway center2 on EDDM with typing or selecting with right click for routing. It is usable only by spoken commands? Thanks in advance.
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