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  1. NJE276 arriving at 21:36 is displayed as NJE226. Took me a while to figure out what was wrong. He also for the record just refused to taxi from P3 after landing on 25R
  2. Wikk

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Oh my bad. I have never experienced it before so I didn’t know
  3. Wikk

    Real Color - A New Concept

    @nyergesdesign I discovered an issue with RW20. I know it's an unused runway, but I wanted to experiment a bit with different runways. I had a Dassault Falcon 900 taking off, and whilst I wasn't really looking, I got a succesful takeoff message, but the plane didn't lift off. Actually it was nowhere to be seen, like if it had just dropped through the ground.
  4. Wikk

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Yeh I had my suspicions it was the game, just thought I’d double check. Thanks for the answer. Both of you have done an incredible job with this airport, it’s amazing how well it works despite game limitations. Great work @nyergesdesign, and you @Pedantic G as I read you’ve been helping out as well. And perhaps @ATControl -- Joe? Anyway it’s a great airport, and I’m looking forward to try it with snippet schedules😁
  5. Wikk

    Real Color - A New Concept

    As in they won’t ever arrive. They’ll never call in, since the game has it so if there’s no available gates, planes won’t land. During the early hours you pretty much emtpy terminal one, so if you do it one go everything is fine, but if you start at 9, for some reason all the gates have aircrafts already there. Thus arrivals will only come in once someone requests a pushback. And at 9 there isn’t a lot of departing traffic
  6. Wikk

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Quick question. I’ve had some runs with Barcelona, and as I always like to do with new airports, I like going through the entire day chronologically. I noticed however, in my first session I played from 6 to around 9, and then today as I started at 9 to continue, I noticed that all gates were filled up, so the majority of arriving traffic was unable to arrive. I don’t know if this is a game issue, and not adjustable, or if it’s something that can be changed in the schedule/terminal files? Since the later morning hours are mainly arrivals, they’re left quite useless startpoints since most traffic is unable to land
  7. I remember a while back Boston had an issue with takeoffs on 22R whilst other planes landing on 27. It would give you a penalty, as the game seemed to believe they were crossing runways. After that I’ve been very hesitant of using 22R for takeoffs and instead using 4L. Now I wonder, without testing this myself and possibly getting penalty points, if anyone know if this ever got fixed?
  8. Wikk

    latest realease

    The latest update to Tower 3D Pro itself was 20th of March 2018, if you’ve bought it after that you’re all good
  9. Wikk

    latest realease

    Of the game itself or airports? I have the game on steam so I wouldn’t know how it works when you buy it from the website, but I assume it’s through the BMTMicro links you get emailed, like when you buy airports or real colors/traffic
  10. Wikk

    CUSTOM SCHEDULE KSFO 20181207 V1 Scout Yu

    I gave it a go and my god. I think Skywest has gathered I’m not their biggest fan by this point. Really challenging, doable but very stressful. Probably a bit too much for my personal taste but it’s definitely a challenge worth trying out. I tried out your way of routing departures around on Charlie and that seemed to work fine. On a sidenote to that, I found that pushing them back to 10L/R is beneficial, cause if not a lot will face the wrong way after pushback. And tell them to hold short of RW19L cause it not they’ll stop ahead of the runways on Zulu.
  11. Wikk

    CUSTOM SCHEDULE KSFO 20181207 V1 Scout Yu

    I don’t think my heart and patience can handle 99 aircrafts in an hour, let alone at KSFO with the tricky crossing runways
  12. Wikk

    EDDM Taxiway Question

    You’ve got to spell out center 2 for it to register. «Charlie-echo-november-tango-echo-romeo 2»
  13. Wikk

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    I see what you’re getting at but I think you’re missing the point your “some folks” are trying to get across. It’s not about getting angry, or anything of the sort. And it’s not about anticipated release dates being missed, but it’s the lack of information around it. The problem in itself is not that they say a release date or saying it’s on a short final, but the hesitation to admit that project may be further away than first thought. This may very well come down to perspective of the wording “short final”, that the developers may look at that phrase with a longer timeline than it’s target group. And that’s the case that, at least I personally I’m trying to get across, it’s a benefit to work through the eyes of your customers when it comes to promotions like this. Keep the “short final” for a couple of weeks top, and if they realize the deadline is to short, just announce that too. And as for your last part, you’re wishing for people not to express their excitement for projects that they’re genuinely looking forward to. Believe it or not, not everyone is just waiting for the next version of the game, and is happy with how the current version plays.
  14. Wikk

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    You purchase it through feelthere’s website, and it works with both steam and standalone version
  15. Wikk

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    I agree. @FeelThere Ariel, I think you’re very interactive with your users which I think is great, but I also feel that we’re being kept very on edge unnecessarily. I asked about one and a half months ago on fb when I got a reply saying Vancouver was on short final. That’s not right. If it isn’t on a close release, don’t make us believe so. You say we should keep checking for announcements but all I’ve seen on the forums for the past weeks is “short final”. I’m not telling you to rush projects, but I’m just trying to let you know that it’s not doing anyone good saying it’s close when it’s not.

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