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  1. But before 15:00 you do see colors for Bluestreak / JIA / CR2? ... my codes before and after 3PM are the same for JIA / CR2. ... But I don't get color on any of my bluesttreak JIA CR2 aircraft anyway. I figured it was because I don't have a matching real color file for it.
  2. How did you know this 8 hour rule? Did you create samples and figure it out? Just curious, doesn't matter really. I do see how the power hours will work. (on a personal level, I do not see how I will be able to handle 99+ flights per hour at KSFO, when I did have a 99+ hour and struggled when the game only gave me 60 fights during that hour. ) In real life, I don't know how the controllers can handle 99+ flights into places like SFO where you only have 2 runways per direction. Even utillizing the cross runways for takeoffs leads to so many potential conflicts that I would be fir
  3. what is MP? if it is the issue with lack of gates, then I think I am finding this in my SFO schedules too. p.s. since i am using a real life schedule, should this not be something easy for the program ro figure out when it loads the schedule and does the calculations for which fligjt sits at which gate ?
  4. Wikk, give it a try. I found that while it does get crowded at the takeoff threshold at times (4 - 6 aircraft backed up and waiting for takeoff makes me stressed), it does provide some spacing to get aircraft off in spurts and using both runways. I do find I cannot do the cross traffic takeoffs well yet. However, I wend most flights off 28R and have them landing on 28R and 28L and that results in most flights landing on 28L. I route the 28R takeoffs with a bit of a long taxiway to get over to Taxiway Zulu and then Charlie, it works and without any penalties in flight delays.
  5. Good morning San Francisco! It is Friday morning and as usual, it's the ILS for 28L and 28R and departures on runways 1 and 28 at your discretion. San Francisco on Friday means the tourists are arriving and the business visitors are on their way home. There is not a lot of general aviation at SFO, but those private jets are always in a hurry. It is SFO on December 7, 2018 and you have had a recent promotion from the weekends. Watch for the 9:00 AM surge of traffic with everyone wanting to push back in the same 10 minutes of the hour and clumps of arriving flights challenging the e
  6. You are a great resource for all of us here. I must not have Real Color for some of the airfields and so I cannot always see them all. Thanks @crbascott
  7. @ashman99 Real Color has only implemented color for some aircraft at each airfield. Even if it is colored at one airfield, it may not be colored at another airfield, because the color is based upon it's location as well as it's aircraft type, and airline. CSB is not included in Real Color at this time. So even if you put it in the airline file, it will not show up as a colored aircraft. Still, I think that my KPHL schedule that is taken from a real day, includes about 98% Real Color aircraft at this point.
  8. Good morning San Francisco! It's a quiet Saturday morning with a bit of fog hanging off the bay. So it's the ILS for 28L and 28R and departures on runways 1 and 28 at your discretion. San Francisco on a Saturday means the tourists already came in yesterday and the business flights left late last night as well. There is not a lot of general aviation at SFO, but those private jets are always in a hurry. It is Tower!3D and KSFO on November 3rd, 2018 and you just transferred into the tower before the Thanksgiving rush. No sweat, you will have a few weeks to get used to the flow. A q
  9. Hexzed, Thank you for looking at that. I re-worked the terminals files, got rid of the airplane, airport, and airline files and made the schedule and GA schedules work with the original files.
  10. Files included KPHL_schedule.txt KPHL_GAandLocalTraffic.txt KPHL_Terminal.txt Read_me_notes.txt Notes: You need REAL TRAFFIC to enjoy this schedule. Your original KPHL_airplanes.txt and KPHL_airports.txt and KPHL_airlines.txt files should be compatible. I only include the two schedule files and the terminal file. Note #1 make a copy of your KPHL airport folder and never mess with it. If you begin to make your own schedules, you will wish you had those originals untouched. Mine was named by windows KPHL - copy and it does not mess with Tower!3D's functions.
  11. I have texture pack, 2, 3, and 11. If 3 is lax, then I need to rethink this. But if Hexzed can see 320's at KPHL, then I still probably have a problem. ===================== Found the problem. Corrupted airplanes.txt file. When I modified it, it dropped the trailing spaces. Also, my modifcations pointed out that having a duplicate IATA code that pointed to a different ICAO code resulted in my A320's looking like A320neo. and that led to the missing graphics. Sorry Nyerges, it was my fault. When I put the original kphl_airplanes.txt file back, everything w
  12. i am working on custom files for KPHL. This master list was particularly useful when I was frustrated that my REAL COLOR for KPHL appeared to not be working. This master list and this topic forum gave the critical information that due to changes in airport codes by international organizations, the codes used in the schedule.txt files may not point to the correct airlines. Changing that for Brickyard and Piedmont made a tremendous improvement (fewer) in the 'white lion' aircraft. However, it does point out to me that there may be a problem in the REAL COLOR file for the A320. Below is a l
  13. The new update 2/20 is much improved in my experience. JFK taxi routing is much quicker when I let them pick a route. It is not always able to handle a manually entered route, but still, JFK has become much more usable. This enhancement of quicker routing along the taxiways is well worth the upload. Aside: the Steam version did announce the update and so I did not have to keep looking for updates.
  14. Joe, Thank you for this KPHL file(s). It has worked great. I seem to have fewer problems using your files than I did with the original files. (Plus I was getting used to those original files and this gave badly needed variety). I know it was a long time ago, but I saw that David Griff was having problems and then solved them, I purchased from Steam and my files were stored in a different location. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields Maybe that will help others in the future. p.s. I really enjoyed your Youtube channel t
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