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  1. I had no issues downloading the file The issue was installation Windows 10 Professional was recognising it as a program already installed I had assumed it was similar to a Windows Update where you simply run the program and then you end up with the main program and the update I then gave Windows 10 permission to overwrite, but it made no difference My next attempt will be to uninstall the original program and then reinstall
  2. I now have a newly named file download However, Windows 10 Professional still aborts the installation as the file is identical It looks like it is necessary to uninstall the original and then reinstall I was not aware of this I have now run out of time, so will need to come back to this later
  3. Same here Received the eMail, directed to the main EGLL purchase item at Feel There Attempted the original provided download link from FastSpring, but this returns a error Below the Fastpring download are details to access My Account However, that does not recognise my eMail address Same here, off to the Feel There Support ticket system
  4. The only difference in framerate I have noticed is once you select an aircraft With EGLL it reduces by about half On my test files (which are usually just one aircraft type, one airline and one terminal) I have not noticed any difference (ODMB and EGLL) I also agree with reduced / minimum files The most noticeable is the airlines.txt file For each airport I have amended it for the airlines that are included only I have also amended some of the callsigns to assist / optimise the speech An obvious one is QANTAS -> KWANTAS I also revised the airplanes.txt file
  5. Similar to CAA The aircraft falls between the two for MTOW and Wake Turbulence For simplicity they have classed it as Heavy Controllers can use their discretion, as they will be aware the pilots will be aware of the differences
  6. Apologies, I do not have the Real Colour for these As a result I do not use them
  7. For Tower 3D I do not have KPHL I have EDDM, OMDB and EGLL I now only use EGLL awaiting next version of Tower
  8. Does not seem to apply at EGLL I tested with B752, B77W and A388 Then with A318, and this would use any stand Tested with DH4 and this too would use any stand Updated my schedule spreadsheet with a Heavy column, and this explains why one of the Cathay Pacific flights was always waiting for a Free Terminal
  9. I decided to test this further today I had assumed stands could accept any aircraft There appear to be two configurations : Any Not Heavy Oddly this includes the B757, as it is classed as Heavy
  10. That was what I expected with the following at EGLL, but instead the aircraft did not appear KLC / WA - KLM City hopper, E90 aircraft I had not included KLC at Terminal 4 Terminal GA had no airlines assigned I expected these flights to appear then accidently arrive at Terminal GA Equally, I was not aware the program was taking into account the aircraft size Although I have found three stands at EGLL Terminal 3 that as yet have never had A380 at them
  11. I use flightera.net to find out the history of specific departures (up to 18 months old, so we are up to September 2019 now) I use a real world flight, then scroll down to calendar (for example September 2019) I then open up flights for specific dates, and this includes the gates the aircraft used In most cases this would be the stand number For example at EGLL, Terminal 5A Gate A12 would be Stand 512 However there can be exceptions with shared gates and bus gates, but using the Terminal maps can help It can be a long drawn out process, it has taken me three weeks to complete
  12. I have found the Real Traffic Data is a compromise It appears to take the actual data for a specific date and then removes or amends flights that cannot be included in the simulation due to overlap, rare operations, dropped, no free terminal As an example in EGLL all the Pisa flights have been removed as there are not enough stands at Terminal 3 Ironically for EGLL with some flights only operating on specific dates this results in an imbalance, where there is only the incoming or outgoing flight, which results in stand blocking
  13. I am not sure how you are creating the schedule I use a spreadsheet, then save as CSV file then rename to TXT file For optimisation, whilst the departures are correctly latest to earliest, the arrivals should be in the reverse order This flight appears to be an error, with GLL instead of LHR GLL,PHX,744,BA,289,19:34,12:00,1,BA The return flight is correct PHX,LHR,744,BA,288,12:00,22:03,1,BA As for the Custom plane : Custom plane found: B738 I do not use GA, but I suspect the issue is caused by a mismatch The program appears to be attempting to add GA flights Term
  14. Could you update this to include the latest airport releases? I was going to use it with my EGLL file, but it is not included
  15. I thought it was Hex encoded and could not be printed out Just need to edit it for printing
  16. I searched for this list of phrases to use, but all I find is this same partial list that ends and fades out at number 22 Could you please provide this listing within the ZIP file?
  17. As Alaska Airlines has now joined One World, many airlines have dual liveries; a main one and an alliance one Given the Retro livery is in the format $x We also have the Cargo liveries in the format #x What about splitting out the legacy liveries using other special characters? Alliance livery -> &x Older livery -> @# and so on It would mean updating the older packs, but I am quite sure that would be a simple process
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