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  1. I agree totally. Compact airports like LGA and SFO are my favorites. DCA would be nice but personally I'd rather see a new version we've already got over 30 DLC airports.
  2. Yup. https://wiki.nyartcc.org/index.php?title=EWR_SOP
  3. Really appreciated. Thanks FeelThere!
  4. Thanks for replies. I really hope the weather system can be improved that's high on my list. Yes there are some great community schedules out there (thank you!) but it would be nice if they were integrated into the game. Maybe they just add an option to copy multiple custom schedules into the airport folder and then you select which custom schedule you want to play from a drop down menu in the game (like how you select weather conditions in Tower 3D Pro now). It would save a lot of copy and pasting and you could easily switch between custom schedules. Steam Workshop integration would also be great for downloading custom schedules.
  5. Here's my wishlist in order of personal importance: 1. Additional Bug Testing - So frustrating to spend hundreds of dollars on Tower; purchase a new airport and Real Color only to have a taxiway or runway or gate not work properly. I would be a much happier customer if more effort is put into bug testing. The newer airports in Tower3D Pro have come a long way. 2. Variety in Weather - Options to set custom conditions like wind, random wind, or better yet... option to download real world conditions of the actual airport from the internet. The current option for "random" weather between Clear, Foggy, and Stormy, ends up with an airport that's mostly Foggy or Stormy and often not realistic. Would be nice if the weather was dynamic and updated from the internet every 10 minutes and/or changed as you play. 3. Addition of snow weather condition and cloudy weather condition even if only cosmetic. Snow or Partly Cloudy is often the real world weather condition at the airport. 4. Adjust sunrise and sunset times due to time of year / real world conditions. Not realistic to have sunset at 6:30pm in the middle of winter. 5. Graphics option to increase draw distance. I hate when landing planes just pop in. 6. Increased camera zoom. I play from the Tower view not the action cam and would like to zoom in more. 7. Increased graphics / textures. Some of the airport textures look good already but would be great to have higher definition versions especially with an increased zoom level. 8. Landing gear should retract after takeoff. 9. Runway crossing command. 10. Variety in Traffic Schedules. I'm not saying a 7 day schedule but even a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule; Tues/Thurs schedule; and a Weekend schedule would add a lot of variety. 11. Steam Integration of RealTraffic/Real Color - I know Steam takes a large cut of sales but it would be so nice to have these products update automatically. 12. Real world airport temperature / frozen ground texture. For certain airports, have a frozen / winter ground texture that loads when the real world airport temperature drops below freezing. 13. Traffic flow overlay - An overlay (similar to showing a route in Cities Skylines or Transport Fever) we can turn on to show how runways and taxiways should be used for "normal flow;" "crosswind flow;" "noise abatement," etc. The real world traffic flows are usually the best way to manage traffic at the airports and it would save us from searching for all this information online. 14. Meta-game other than points - This is lowest priority on my list for a reason - It's probably too difficult to implement. But maybe you unlock gates and terminals as you perform well and progress. You unlock gates/terminals based on your perfect performance and on-time arrivals and departures. With all gates/terminals unlocked (AKA 100 percent traffic) it becomes really difficult to maintain perfect performance; and if you have a crash or incident or too many delays you lose some gates or a terminal until you improve. This could also be an optional feature. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  6. Thanks. I just needed some basics for which runways and taxiways to use. It helps a lot!
  7. Good info on LaGuardia starting at about page 28. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/5947055/n90-laguardia-sop-vatsim-nyartcc
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