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  1. The RC pack does have some great new Cargo liveries - so at least I'll be grabbing that 🙂
  2. Would love to see ORD, HKG, ANC, and SIN
  3. I found what my problem was. Not enough gates. I was getting about 12 planes to land from 00:00 - 00:14. The plan landing at 00:15 showed up in the log as "No Free Terminal." This continued in the log for the next arrivals. Now I have to figure out how to rework the schedule without maxing out the terminals 🥴
  4. Went through this thread hoping to find a solution to my problem too. 🤓 I have a custom schedule, works but when the game starts at nearest departure it goes forwards not backwards from start time ie: 00:00 --> 00:15 departure (not 23:55). Game then slams arrivals from 00:00-->00:15 at me. This happens no matter where I start the game goes back to the first arrival and is not following the clock. Any thoughts?
  5. I did 12/22 KMEM actual schedule - finishing it now. Would definitely like to see your LAX!
  6. I am having the same problem. Playing real color at JFK and FRA. Both texture packs recent reloaded. Added a few cargo flights to my JFK schedule but can't get Lufthansa Cargo or Airbridge (along with others that aren't white tales at FRA) to show up in JFK. JFK_Airplanes is updated to include M1F and 74Y. The schedule works fine regarding calls, and time but the planes are white with windows. I appreciate any guidance.
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