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  1. I'll post a log next long session I play, what I have noticed is on me snot 25% of arrivals will actually depart again, the rest of the departures are aircraft set in place before the session starts, so once there gone, usually a couple of hours, there is very limited activity.


  2. 24 minutes ago, Avwriter said:

    I beg to differ.  Please take a closer look at the approach ends of Runways 31R, and 22R, for example.  Both have substantial displaced thresholds, that are visibly marked, both in the sim, and in the real world.

    I thint what Vic ment to say was "KJFK has no displaced thresholds simulated.....yet" :)

  3. Anybody else getting a "password blocked" message on all there T3D add on products, how do I download the new versions for Pro?

    As far as I can tell it only affects the RT and RC add ons so I assume they are getting updated right now so not available to download, can anyone confirm the situation.



  4. Try re-installing, it's not an issue thats been mentioned before.

    just a note, make sure the sidstar_ord contents is added below the existing contents of the original sidstar_cfg, do not delete the original contents.

    Most of your area of control falls under the "central" centre sector so most of your handoffs, if not all, will go to the same frequency. You'll have to enlarge your area of control in the editor so it overlaps the ring of outer sectors, this will allow the aircraft to travel into a new sector before you hand it off giving you more variety.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Avwriter said:

    Take a look at the screenshots on the feelthere website, and let me know what you think. I know screenshots can be deceiving.  It may even be that the screenshots were taken using a developer tool, and are from a different position that where the view is in the game.  Looking more lcosely, I can see that shots are taken from a couple of different positions.  If Vic, or someone who has already bought it, can clarify the situation, it would be helpful.

    looks like they moved the camera around for the purpose of taking pictures

  6. 8 minutes ago, winsaudi said:

    Vic & co + nyergesdesign,

    What do you guys think?  A list somewhere with the latest versions?  It may be too expensive/difficult but we have all opened something on our computers / consoles / tablets / phones and have seen a message similar to "A newer version is available. Do you want to download?"  Is that possible?  

    what about just listing the service packs and release dates at the bottom of the discription on the website?

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