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  1. I may be wrong as I only use one screen, but cant you set up a second screen in control panel>display>display settings


    Some time ago, I conected the TV for another reason, and I could just drag what I wanted to the right and it would apear on the TV leaving the laptop screen free for other things...


    Like I say I could be missing something important as I dont use two screens.. :)



  2. Absolutely, I was just talking about similar emergency as tracon gives, but just a little more frequent, like I say I play tracon for hours at a time and as long as I had it less than a dozen emergency have shown. So I was looking for things like a blown tyre or engine failure causing a runway blockage, wind shear on approach causing go arounds... that sort of thing. I was not looking for serious accidents that can be likened to real events, I agree that would be immoral.


  3. Hi Vic

    Can you give an idea of what sort of emergencies are incorporated into the game, I play tracon a lot and the years that i have had it i have seen less than a dozen emergencies, I'd like more, some big airports like say LAX deal with some sort of emergency be it medical or fuel etc. at least once maybe more everyday.

    Will wesee aborted landings and take offs also?

    It would be good it there was say a slider for frequency of emergencies, say 1,2 or 3 emergencies in say a 2 hour period, probably too late to add something like this but I guess your still working on the Pro version so who knows! :)




  4. Open up the editor and the airfield, Select the taxi way in the right hand list, select edit, you should see a load of black dots along the length  of the taxiway, select the closest dot to where you want the aircraft to stop, I think it's right click on the dot, it will change colour when selected, hold and drag into position, then in the edit box for the taxiway, at the bottom is a field called gate, select two way, and in the field below that type 14R,32L. You should then see the blue hold line on that dot/knot.


  5. 1 hour ago, FeelThere said:


    Please read my previous reply. Tower!3DPro will have a fully overhauled runway system.It will even consider the gate for the arriving plane and will try to land on the closest runway.




    Thanks Vic, thats good news! sorry missed your post, went straight to the last message without looking!


  6. I believe 2011 will be updated after 3D is released/bug fixes, (i think i read it somerwhere) so I would guess there will be more add-on's to come.

    I dont think thie idea is for 3D to be treated as a replacement to 2011, but as a seperate simulator/game.

    I will continue with 2011, i like it, i dont think my computer could handle a 3d version anyway, would guess it would use a lot of power to run smoothly.



  7. Well, hope for better result, get worse....

    I hope 3D Tower have addressed this issue, (its quite a big issue!), not t90o fussed re the seperation distance, its fine, but when multiple runways open, the seperation should only be relevent for aircraft preceeding on the same runway.



  8. do you get the same 5nm seperation with 17L and 13R only? that would be the two furthest points for initial call up.

    My thinking is the system waits for the proceeding a/c to be 5nm away before introducting the next, so if on is on app to 17L and the next calls for 13R, there should be more than 5nm on initial call so in theory should call strainht after each other....  maybe



  9. Out of iterest, would you consider running a test change all your schedule to the same aircraft type and then edit that aircraft speed in the aircraft editor, to a max tower speed of say 180knots, maybe that may affect the distance between them....



    (I will do it myself, i just wont get on the game till the weekend to see the results)

  10. There may be no limit put in the game by developers, but i notice if i was to select 6L and 25R at LAX (oposit direction arrivals) i get twice as many arrivals over the hour as i would with 24L and 25R, so it says to me there must be a certain didstance between each arriving a/c that the system calculates to avoid the CA alerts, the slower aircraft will still get overtaken by faster traffic when shooting the ILS but on initial contact the seperation is sufficiant.


    I hope 3D tower has allowences for arriving aircraft to fly similtanious ILS approach when more than one landing runway is selected.


    Fingers crossed.



  11. The games fills the gates in the order they have been entered in the editor, the only way to make it "random" is to go into the editor and start shuffiling the gates around.

    Instead of having 1,2,3,4,5 in sequance, you could move 3 to another concourse and replace it with say gate 17 and so on, that should give you the result your after. I did it myself at LAX international terminal.



  12. If you have to issue a go-around (which should be very rare at LAX with the seperate landing and departing runways) you can assign a heading to avoid other a/c.


    You should plan and time so you do not have this eventually, do not clear a departure if an arrival may conflict. Aircraft in the air have priority over aircraft on the ground, Once you get a routine going it becomes quite easy to manage.


    With fly xyz heading after departure the ac will turn the most direct route to the assigned heading. if 360, then it will turn right, if 180 then left, it makes no difference which runway they are on.



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