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  1. 14 hours ago, FeelThere said:

    We are looking into this. The SP will add an option to reset your score :)

    Will we also have a "profile" with the service pack, like T!2011 which saved our screen layout?


  2. 29 minutes ago, kickerpicker said:

    I'm not sure I understand this FIX...  I followed the instructions up to where I was supposed select a taxiway in the "right hand list" (???).  I selected "T" on my list and hit 'edit' and RED dots showed up along the taxiway, not black ones.  By this point I'm confused about what I'm supposed to do.  I selected and clicked on a red dot near taxiway "N".  The dot turned GREEN..  I dragged that GREEN dot to the entry of taxiway "N".  It was the only dot nearby that would drag.  At that point I selected "two way" and entered "14R,32L".  There was no way to 'enter' that information, so I checked "ADD".  When I went back to the game, I had the same problem.  Every airplane taxiing to 32L taxied right onto the runway from taxiway "T" without stopping at the gate..   I tried this 3 different time without success.


    Don't click add, when you have moved the dot to where you want the hold and have entered the two way gate and the trigger, the runway numbers, just click the "x" to close. 

    Then you can save and exit



  3. I havent edited anyything in T3D, all still as supplied with fake airlines, I get penalties on pritty much ever take off or landing if there is another plane on another runway, even if its just lined up and not moving, even if the runways are no where near each other, like lax north and south runways.

    My stats are so bad now i dont think i will ever recover when the alerts are fixed, will have to start from zero again!


  4. Can you find the files on your c drive. There  was  an issue with the installer creating s separate directory. If not try uninstall though control panel - program files and re install, delete  the provided directory and browse to locate your tower directory and continue to install.


    Let me know how you get  on.



  5. 1 hour ago, 707FAN said:

    Gareth & Roy & nyergesdesign if they are monitoring this,

    What's happening is that the aircraft are not swinging off the runway at the turnoff point but going slightly further, but not past the actual intersection. They then turn off the runway and stop and don't seem to have anywhere to go. They are not up to the stop gate at this stage. You give the taxi command and it proceeds to the stop gate as normal, needing a further command to taxi from there. It seems that whatever commands the A/C to turn off at a certain point is not commanding the A/C to turn off early enough.

    I has it twice last run but the screen grabs that I took only showed the radars etc. i.e. second monitor screen. I will try again when I can next time it happens.

    Kev M


    It can be fixed in the editor if your familiar, when the a/c turns off the runway on to a taxiway it will continue forward until it either reaches the hold gate or the end of the section of taxiway (as it is in the editor) wheich ever comes first. if the hold is on the "second" stretch of taxiway the a/c will need two comands as it will hold at the end of the first taxiway then again at the hold.


    To fix you need to edit the setion of taxiway in the editor to ensure the hold gate is before any taxiway intersaections to avoid the a/c holding twice.


    You can slightly reduce/increase the ground roll of the affected aircraft in the planeEd, that may fix the late turn offs, Not tried but in theory it should work.....



  6. I can't replicate the missing terminal issue, I have changed every Tower settings and can't get any of the visable map to be missing/cut off. I have tried on different computes/laptops all with different sceen sizes.... no luck.


    As I cant replicate and it has not been reported by any other useres, I can only think it is a setting in your system that has been changed at some point, possible by an update without you being aware.




  7. 8 hours ago, kickerpicker said:

    Thank you Kev...  I have avoided the PHX west flow for that reason since I made this observation..  Anything you can do to help would certainly be appreciated. 

    Do you have the Chicago Airport (KORD)??  I'm having a wee problem sending departures to runway 32L.  They do NOT stop at the holding post!!  When they arrive at the approach end for take off, they just taxi right onto the runway without clearance.  Not a great problem, but that's not supposed to be that way it's supposed to be.  Not in real life, anyway.  But, in real life the airplanes REQUEST take off clearance, but I can understand why this is not feasible in this program. 

    Thanks for the help, by the way.  You have already helped me out of a couple of problems and I appreciate it.  


    Try this thread



  8. Hi


    This seems to be a speach rec issue rather than directly related to EGLL. None of the files that will install from the EGLL installer will have any affect of the core of the Tower Sim so would not have affected the Speach Recognition. You may have to go as far as reinstalling the Tower sim itself to fix the issue.



  9. I'm struggling to replicate the issue, I am sending a new installer to Feelthere which I'm hoping will resolve the install directory issue and a few other things mentioned.

    I'll post when it is live and you will need to re-download.

    In the mean time can you completely uninstall all related files, either by using the Uninstaller provided or by going into each folder and manually deleting them.

    Then try tower see if it loads ok, if it does, re-install again delete only the space between Feel and There in the directory filed when it allows, and give it another try.

    In the mean time, can you send a screen shot of the terminals as you see them so I can see what the issue is, they should all be visable, does it zoom out to be visable?



  10. You have to do it from the planeEd (run as admin) bottom right is a field with the plane image and the word DEFAULT, highlight it and delete it then go add ATP file and search for the rg1 .ATP file select it and the image will show in the window, if correct highlight it again and change the set name code to DEFAULT then save overwriting original.


    Hopefully that will work



  11. I have a small number of aiports in the airport txt file, yet tower cant' seem to see them

    Unknow airport: ARN(IATA)   ICAO not found!
    Unknow airport: CPH(IATA)   ICAO not found!
    Unknow airport: OSL(IATA)   ICAO not found!
    Unknow airport: SVG(IATA)   ICAO not found!

    Anyone know what needs to be done to activate them?





  12. 1 minute ago, narfomat said:

    So Real Traffic will only work when I have installed EDDF airport?

    Real Trafic will work for all airports, but you wont be able to play EDDF until you have purchased and installed it.

    you can then add Real Colour for EDDF if you want to

    (there is a seperate Real Colour download for each airport)

  13. 1 minute ago, narfomat said:

    I found out that after reinstallation of Tower!2011 ONLY, i have to start the sim with administrator rights to make it run. On my first installation, i was able to run the game without admin rights. But that is okay for me now.

    I did not know that EDDF airport has to be bought seperately to use the Real Color EDDF. I thought the Real Color EDDF also contains the Frankfurt airport. I don't know if I want to spend another 18$ for EDDF airport because I fear that nothing is working again.

    @DragonWin: Thanks for this precious information!

    Sorry guys, i don't want to make the impression to grouch around. I am/was just frustrated because everything was so confusing and I have never had so many problems installing a game :) But thanks for the feedback of all of you!

    I have always had to run as admin to get mine to work, even though my pc rights are set to admin...

    Each additional airport must be purchased as an add-on and then if you want the colour aircraft, that is an extra feature.

    But like everything, its great when it works, but when something is wrong....

    I am glad you have it working. there are a lot of helpful people on the forum so do ask for help if your stuck.



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