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  1. The Virgin plane should be a A350-1000 which is 73.79m but you are right. The A343 aircraft seems to be much smaller than the A350.
  2. What I wrote, is during normal times. Right now, in ZRH you can nearly chose your runway (especially for departure) as the traffic volume is that low. In ZRH the weather was not perfect at all. Runway 28 has a higher minimum, so this could be the reason to use runway 34 instead.
  3. In LSZH you have normally RW14 for landings and 28 for departure (As well as 16 for traffic not able to depart from 28 due to performance) Depending on the time of the day and the wind- / visibility situation the configuration can be 28 for landing, 32 for departure (or 34 for heavy), or 34 landing and 32 departure (generally used in the morning). If the wind in ZRH comes from east, runway 10 is used for departure while 14 for landings. This is the most complex situation, as only if the landing traffic touched down, departure is cleared for to. This normally results a lot of delay. In ZRH, you have always just one runway in use for arrivals. I think landings on 14 is not possible in the game, as the arrival will block the rw as explained by DeltaVII. But with the 28 arrival configuration, the game would be fun.
  4. As far as I can tell you right now, it seems to be all correct now. Thank you for the updated schedule.
  5. I think the 0321 is the squawk of the individual aircraft. This is a four letter number, which the controller gives the aircraft on the delivery frequency to identify the aircraft.
  6. Thank you so much as soon as time permits, I test the new schedule and give you a feedback.
  7. I realized that something went wrong with the real traffic schedule. All US/Canadian airports are ok but the rest is a little mess. I think during the conversion of the ICAO airport codes into the IATA which are required for the tower schedule, only the first letter has been removed. This works fine for US airport (KLAX to LAX), but for example if you take the DLH flight from LAX to FRA, Frankfurt has been converted into DDF (From EDDF). This results in a completely wrong destination for all flights to/from destinations other than US/Canada. Would be great to get an updated schedule. Fabian
  8. info@nyergesdesign.com
  9. You could change the required runway length of this specific aircraft. If you go to your feelthere folder, you can change whatever you need: ...FeelThere\Tower! 2011\Airplanes I think you are talking about the 73G with the longest runway requirement. If you open the 73G with a texteditor, you have takeofflen="8283". Now you can change it to any number below 7500ft to be able to take off from runway 1L in SFO. I hope this solves your problem Fabian
  10. Hi, The 744 has a minimum runway of 10560ft in the game. As the runway is just ~10'000ft long this is impossible to take off from there. To avoid this, just change the requirement for the runway: In your folder \feelthere\tower! 2011\ Airplanes you find the corresponding aircart: 744. Open this document with any texteditor like Notepad and search for takeofflen="10560". Change this in lets say 9,902 ft (the minimum requirement of a 744 according Wikipedia at MTOW) and save it. This should solve your problem. I hope this helps. Fabian
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