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  1. I agree. Seeing those radials belch smoke when they crank up at the gate with the attendant sound effects would be pretty nice. This would certainly rejuvenate my interest in this game.
  2. A few years ago I brought up the idea of going back farther than that. Let's do DC-7s, Connies, Electras and Convairs. DCA or LGA would be perfect.
  3. Hey, VenturaGuy 101, what makes you think I'm aiming any criticism at ATControl-Joe? He is a great contributor to this forum and its efforts to increase the realism and fun of this game, but the fact of the matter is that KLAS is still a work in progress. And nowhere do I suggest that he has any responsibility or capability to do FT's job to correct the problems such as the lighting, runway numbers, etc. His schedule enhancements are great, needed and appreciated, but it's gonna take a concerted effort by FT to make this thing "legit". The sloppy taxiway lighting that has already been documented by screenshots on this forum laid out the problem long before I mentioned it, so read posts carefully before you jump to any conclusions. You too, winsaudi.
  4. I get that...but if the developers just fix the schedule and ignore the lighting problem, the airport's not "legit" or fixed.
  5. I'd like to see a retro KLGA from 1957 with Convairs, DC-6s, DC-7s and Connies sporting the liveries of the airlines of that period.
  6. Vic, when will the KLAS SP be available? Mike
  7. Good...SKW 3328 also refuses to vacate runway 4 left onto G on landing saying it's too short when it turns off before that normally. It's the 1700 scenario.
  8. Vic, just exactly who is responsible for what in the development of this sim? Scenery, planes, all the components of making this sim...it all seems to blend together and I'm curious as to who does what and what their areas of responsibility are. When add-ons are added to the mix, it's sometimes confusing as to the interaction between the principles involved. Mike
  9. Joe, this morning I started the KLGA 1900 scenario with your schedule and ran it for over three hours. It's tremendous. Right before I quit, I had exhausted all traffic at 100% - arrivals and departures - and only had two wait delays. No conflicts and no go-arounds for 1190 points. The clean screen lasted for about 5 seconds before a new arrival popped up but by then I'd had enough and called it a day. Do the delays count for both departures and arrivals and is it 15 minutes that triggers one? Using runway 4 for departures only and 31 for arrivals only is a real challenge. I had a couple of airplanes that were unresponsive to further taxi commands after they landed but don't remember who they were. You do great work. Mike
  10. The two-folder step was confusing to me at first when he mentioned the source folder but I only had to put the three files in the Airfields KLGA subdirectory. It works great and is a very nice improvement.
  11. It will be interesting to see how playing the 1900 scenario with your new schedule compares to the old one.
  12. Thanks, Joe, that did the trick. Opening the 1900 scenario, I saw right away the change with all the Envoy flights in front of the tower. You're right about Windows 10 being superior with this sim. I find the speech recognition much better than with Windows 7. The distraction dealing with that problem is monumental when things start ramping up. I just finished the 1900 scenario on Windows 10 (the one in your video) with 100% traffic for 1:22 of in-game time and only had four wait penalties, no go-arounds and no conflicts. I don't think I could have done it with 7.
  13. I've never used Dropbox before. So the actual files have to be downloaded with the blue button in the upper right corner? I was copying the web page and trying to paste that in the folder since it said "txt" but it still doesn't answer the larger question. Other than the airfield folder where do they go? Exactly?
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