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  1. Baron, Could you help me on this one. I pretty much attempted to duplicate what Tomf14 had and I just can't get it to work. I have attached related extract of files related. Thanks in advance. Wil fuzevt@gmail.com Oceanside, CA Console Log.txt FSUIPC Cfg.txt MACRO.txt ALL LVARS_F14D.txt
  2. Can somebody tell me why these events run as soon as I load the aircraft (Capt Sim C-130) and how do I stop it. Happens even if I start "cold and dark" (see attached log file) fuzevt FSUIPC4.log
  3. Again on the money...Having lots of fun and LUA education....again many Thanks!!!
  4. Does anybody have any LUA scripts for Cattaneo's F-14D cockpit controls?
  5. Spokes 2112, How do you adjust the engine notifications to the center. I have a 3 monitor setup at 5800 X 1080 and often I miss which engine control is active because its off to the very left. Is there a method to adjust to the center monitor? Thanks
  6. Spokes2112, I AM A BELIEVER...IT WORKED PERFECT FIRST TRY!!!!!Now i'm getting ready to get out to the "great blue yonder". MANY MANY Million thanks....
  7. I have HOTAS Cougar by Thrustmaster, which has a single throttle axis and I'd like to use its "Dogfight" button to assign diferent modes so I can use a single throttle to control left and right throttle on a 2 engine jet. Will this file work with that without any mods?
  8. My apologies but I did send the wrong image the first time the last on I sent is the correct and what I'm trying to do is assign Throttle 1 and 2 on a single axis and be able to operate each one independently, specially at startups...
  9. My mistake on that attached image, it should be x00010374=66420 which is AXIS THROTTLE1 SET. I'm attempting to assign 2 throttle on a single axis and be able to operate them independently.
  10. I have FSUIPC ver 4.974, after I go to the "Buttons + Switches" tab and enter the "Offset dword set, with Offsetx66c0 and the Parameter" and I exit to FS and go back to FSUIPC I noticed the Parameter value has changed to "x0000FA7B". Is this right?
  11. Is it possible to assign 2 throttle functions on 1 throttle axis. I have HOTAS Cougar Joystick and Throttle and I am attempting to control throttle on a twin engine aircraft. Is it possible to do that with this method? Thanks...
  12. Pete or Tamas, I have attached my FSUIPC.ini file and the method described appears to be the solution to my predicament but I am not sure how to add the lines you mentioned below. Is it added as is ___ in other word what is "b". My apologies this question come as elementary, I am a complete newbee at this: FSUIPC4.ini
  13. I renamed my devices with the letters "J and Y" however everytime I restart FSX the devices come up again as "0 and 1". I tried to delete "0 and 1" but as soon as I restart FSX they come back up. Is it suppose to happen this way? [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No J=HOTAS Cougar Joystick J.GUID={617692A0-4DF0-11E7-8002-444553540000} Y=Flight Yoke System Y.GUID={BD26DEA0-7F4D-11E7-8001-444553540000} 0=HOTAS Cougar Joystick 0.GUID={617692A0-4DF0-11E7-8002-444553540000} 1=Flight Yoke System 1.GUID={BD26DEA0-7F4D-11E7-8001-444553540000}
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