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  1. John, one question for you. this is a new Honeycomb Bravo Throttle quad. I noticed after messing about for a while trying to get this to work that on Throttle #1 the range goes from -16383 to Zero in the movement space of about 2 millimetres. Then the rest of the movement travels smoothly from zero to 16383. the other throttle axis all travel through the full range. Is there something I can do to try and reset the numbers range or do you think this is a defective pot that I have received. It was not doing this when I first got it so I think the pot should be ok.
  2. Someone on the FSL forums posted this and it worked. I needed to add this to the fsuipc.ini [JoystickCalibration.Fslabs] ... UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes
  3. I am trying to setup the FSL A320 using FSUIPC on the Honeycomb Throttle Quad. The suggested way is using Throttle 1 Set and Throttle 2 Set and then using the various detent zones in the FSL MCDU to set the range for the various selections (CL, TOGA, REV etc.). This worked great with my old CH Products throttle but does not seem to work with the Honeycomb. The Honeycomb axis are reversed and I cannot figure out how to select reverse in FSUIPC with the Throttle Set (Send to FS as Normal Axis) selected. By setting Throttle set I am getting the full range of motion on the throttles and in the sim, albeit reversed. If I try to use direct to FSUIPC or Throttle Set with Ignore Set on the calibration page then the throttles do work in the right direction but the range is about 60% of the full range of the throttles. The only go from TOGA to about 30% thrust and nothing below. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. Does anyone have a working setup they can post. I have tried to setup as normal axis but the range stops at the idle fuel with nothing in the reverse range. Maybe if I copy and paste another setup I can calibrate it to work with the reversers.
  5. I loaded up a new model of the PMDG 737 that I had not used before and went into the Axis Assignments tab to assign the aircraft from my list. I accidentally assigned the wrong aircraft and I have no idea how to change it to the correct profile. The checkbox is greyed out and there does not seem to be a way to modify my selection. Thanks!
  6. I think this was the result of an unstable overclock. Once I reverted back to stock settings everything worked properly again.
  7. FSUIPC 5.122 or 5.123c will either not show up at all in the menu for P3D v4.2 or if it is there I cannot open it up. Any ideas?
  8. Thank you Thomas, this worked. I was connected to two different Workgroups. In case anyone else has this problem you can check by clicking on START, then right click on Computer (or This PC in Windows 10). Properties and then check that the Workgroup is the same for both PC's. You can change settings as needed. Once I did this everything worked properly.
  9. Also just checked both firewalls on each machine and both have an exception for WideFS.
  10. I have just build a new computer (W10 64bit) and cannot seem to get WideFS to connect (it is on a client with Windows 7 64 bit). Here is what I have tried. 1)Installed FSUIPC5 on my P3Dv4 PC. Registered both for FSUIPC and WideFS. when starting P3D is says at the top "Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 with WideServer: waiting for clients". by the way I notice this message is not instant...it takes about 30 or 45 seconds to appear. 2) On the client PC I have installed WideFS into a separate folder. when starting it says "Wideclient FS98 Eliminator - Waiting for a connection". I have read the install document and have turned off my W10 firewall. I have also added the server computer to the Config section of the ini and I have created a rule opening port 8002 but so far no luck. Any ideas?
  11. 2. VRInsight original serial port device support is implemented and should be workng, but needs testing (I have no VRi gear). I have tested LINDA with a few payware and freeware aircraft and all is good. Pete, thanks so much for getting this working so quickly!
  12. Fixed in 14 hours. Wow, Pete that is really amazing.
  13. Its on Simmarket now. I just installed, registered and copied over and renamed by old ini file. Just don't forget to uncheck your controls in P3D folks or you will be wondering why things are not working well.
  14. Also could I ask about WideFS. Will this also need to be repurchased and if so what is the correct version. I see at Simmarket there is a version 7 but not sure if this is for P3D v4 or not. thanks.
  15. Pete, sorry I did not see this old reply from you. I gave up and reinstalled P3D from scratch. All working perfectly now.....just in time to move over to V4.
  16. Thanks Pete, yes something is causing a conflict, I just can't figure out what it is. changing from full screen to windowed does not help,
  17. really odd thing, if I click on FSUIPC in my P3D menu, the main page will not appear? This seems to be kind of random and mostly with the FSL A320 but I have seen this with other aircraft. Any ideas what may be causing this behavior. I have several issues with my P3D install at the moment and have just deleted the cfg to see if a rebuild would help but not luck. thanks
  18. OK thanks, I was looking at an older FSUIPC version documents. I have updated now and I think I have them 86E0 2 Traffic Limiter: limit value Intl Intl 86E2 1 Traffic Limiter: target frame rate value Intl Intl 86E3 1 Traffic Limiter: ground preference value Intl Intl 86E4 1 Traffic Limiter: planned airports preference value Intl Intl 86E5 1 Traffic Limiter: airports preference value Intl Intl 86E6 1 Traffic Limiter: near preference value Intl Intl 86E7 1 Traffic Limiter: reserved Intl Intl 9540 64 Current aircraft Profile name (63 chars aSCII + zero term). Intl No Next step is to try to write an LUA to turn them off and on as desired.
  19. Pete, which document do I need to review to find the offsets for Traffic. I looked through the LUA and Offset document but did not see it. thanks.
  20. I think the latest LINDA module for this aircraft will do this on the MCPII (I think requires registered FSUIPC).
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