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fsuipc blocks all my additional proggys

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I think you'll have to wait for Pete to come back in order to solve this one. If FSUIPC works when unregistered and does not work when registered there may be something wrong with your user key. Pete will probably ask you to send him the FSUIPC.log and FSUIPC.key files from your FS modules folder for checking.



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Have SimMarket double check your key. This problem is almost certainly connected to an error with the key. Since the programs you list don't need a registered version of FSUIPC they'll work fine with an unregistered version, but a bad key will cause a registered FSUIPC to work erratically - if it even works at all.

You can actually log into your account at SimMarket and get your key info without ever speaking to a real person.


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Apologies for the delay in my reply -- as announced in this Forum I've been away with no Internet access from 24th September until 12th October.

Fs2004 ARRCAB; FSMetar; Sqawkbox (latest|). Absolutely none of them work and all say I am not connected when I fire up FS2004. I have tried everything. As soon as I put FSUIPC in as 'unregistered' they seem to work again (except sqawkbox).

now what???

The most likely reason for that is a bad key -- usually one made and supplied by pirates. If you email your registration details and FSUIPC.KEY file (Zipped please) to me at petedowson@btconnect.com I can check it for you. Where did you purchase it please?



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