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FSUIPC and CH Control Manager?

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If I am using the CH Control Manager software in mapped mode, will FSUIPC still see my CH Yoke and Throttle and will I be able to assign keystrokes and axis assignments within FSUIPC?

FSUIPC does not (currently*) deal with axis assignments -- they are done in FS Options-Controls-Assignments. For axes FSUIPC merely manipulates the axis controls you assign in FS.

As for buttons, it depends what the CH control manager does. Sorry, but I don't know it. If FSUIPC can still read the buttons through the Windows joystick interface then it will see them, if not it won't. Why not try?

[* I am looking to add facilities to FSUIPC to allow direct axis assignments without FS knowing about them. But it won't be soon].



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Hi Howard,

Yes, it will work fine. The CM creates joysticks (CM Devices) that look like regular controllers to Windows. The only difference at the FS level is that the controllers are listed as "CM Device 1", "CM Device 2", etc. rather than "CH Yoke USB", "CH Pro Pedals", and so on. FSUIPC won't see anything different. Ray Proudfoot was the first to mention this to me, he had mapped out a Yoke, Pedals, and Pro Throttle to appear as nine different controllers in FS based on the three modes and was using FSUIPC to map the buttons since it was easier to just click and have FSUIPC dig through the list and find the button that he'd clicked then than it was to try and sort through the 9 controllers in the FS Controls Assignments dialog. Worked great for him, and I've used it for simpler things myself.

In any case, it shouldn't be any different than any other collection of controllers that FSUIPC might deal with, it should work just fine.

Best regards,

- Bob

The StickWorks


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I use the CH Fighterstick and Pro Throttle along with CH Control Manager. FSUIPC will see your buttons if they are assigned as DirectX Mode in Control Manager. If you are assigning key presses to them through Control Manager then no, FSUIPC will not see them as buttons.


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