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Hi Pete,

Hope you had a nice trip.

I am interfacing the Grumman Goose to the It's Your Plane (IYP) application. I need to execute different IYP checklists, depending upon whether the aircraft is "on the ground", or "on the water".

Is there any way to detect this (besides GPS Latitude / Longitude) that is similar to the OFFSET 366?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Robert Cezar


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BTW, since you're obviously the alternate GURU on FSUIPC, and I hate bothering Pete (not to say I want to bother you), I have one other question that perhaps you can answer.

Is there's a way to control the extension and retraction of the floats on the Grumman Goose?

Irrespective of the outcome, I thank you in advance. You've already saved me a ton of time with the previous answer!


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I did a really poor job of explaining what I needed. I was looking for an OFFSET so that I can determine if the FLOATS are UP or DOWN.

There's no offset for these at present, but the data is available through SimConnect and I could add them if required (for FSX only). They are just some of many items not yet requested.


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Hi Pete,

Thanks for the quick replay.

Well, in terms of running down checklists with It's Your Plane, it's pretty much a requirement. However, I have implemented a "Get Around" by having the Co-Pilot say, "Ensure that the floats are retracted, then say Checked or Roger." So, it's not life-threatening. Nonetheless, if you get the urge, it would be helpful.

Thanks again Pete.

r :)

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