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An apology to Mr. Pete Dowson and all of my fellow simmers

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To Mr. Pete Dowson and all of my fellow flightsimmers,

I am writing this to show my apology. I realize that I have not only hurt you and your co-workers, but I also hurt the flight simulator community as a whole. Not that long ago, I discovered a site called the piratebay and thought that it would be ok because my teacher downloads stuff off of their all the time, including pirated files. So I went home and downloaded FSUIPC off of the piratebay. Now the awful truth sets in that I pretty much stole something. Even though I uninstalled it, the fact remains that I still stole it. The only thing I can do now is to ask for your forgiveness and Pete Dowson's forgiveness. I am sincerely sorry and will never ever download anything off the pirate bay again, as it does more wrong then good. Not only did it not work properly but it was stolen to begin with.

With Deep Regret,


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As soon as school starts up I plan to talk to him and tell him what it has done to me and others.

Well, congratulations on achieving a new level of maturity. It speaks very well for your integrity that you took the effort to come here, create an account, and make such a public apology! :D

Don't be discouraged however if your "teacher" shows little or no understanding of the harm he's causing by his poor example. If one doesn't learn moral values during puberty, it's unlikely to happen after reaching the age of adultery (er, I mean adulthood of course!)... :lol:

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