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  1. Pete, the Citation X v2.0 uses FSUIPC to intercept the hardware throttle input(s), pass them through the FADEC system, then forwards the massaged values onto the sim. Ed Wilson chose to use a user's registered FSUIPC since the same gauge module had to be compatible with both FS9 and FSX. :cool: The CX is still "flyable" without a registered version of FSUIPC of course, albeit without the finesse of FADEC support.
  2. Pete, I just wanted to say just how much I admire and respect your ever-so-helpful attitude! That's going well beyond the normal bounds of support. Bravo Zulu, sir! B)
  3. Your Registry entry is screwed up... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\9.0 INSTALLATION FOR FS9: EXE Path="D:\Program Files" That path is incomplete at best... It should be something like this: D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9
  4. Why not simply read the aircraft.cfg file for the data you need? It's not that difficult to do... :mrgreen:
  5. Very nicely done, Raimund! Might I suggest that you edit the spelling of "breaks" though? The proper spelling is "brakes". :)
  6. Ian, that's not quite correct either. For example, I can check the Properties for a folder that contains no files whatsoever, yet the folder's Properties will still display the blue-highlighted "Read Only" box! If I examine a folder which contains two files, one of which I've marked as "Read Only," the folder's Properties still displays only a blue-highlighted yet unchecked "Read Only" box. If I click on the blue-highlighted "Read Only" box, a checkmark appears, and it is no longer highlighted in blue. When I click again to remove the checkmark, the box reverts to the blue-highlighting...
  7. That box is only "highlighted." Since there is no "check mark" in the empty box, it is NOT set at all... This is easily verified by simply clicking on the empty, highlighted box. You will see a "check mark" appear, indicating that the option is now SET to "read only." Click once more to remove the "check mark."
  8. Well, congratulations on achieving a new level of maturity. It speaks very well for your integrity that you took the effort to come here, create an account, and make such a public apology! :D Don't be discouraged however if your "teacher" shows little or no understanding of the harm he's causing by his poor example. If one doesn't learn moral values during puberty, it's unlikely to happen after reaching the age of adultery (er, I mean adulthood of course!)... :lol:
  9. Thanks, Pete. I'll crack open your SDK then and begin reading. Odd that I didn't think to search for "plan," usually I'm better at researching things for myself... :oops:
  10. Pete, I'd like to ask a simple question, knowing full well that I could eventually find the answer by studying the SDK carefully enough. Time being at a premium for me however, doesn't allow me that luxury. What I'd like to do is write a freeware module that would allow any XML scripted GPS or FMS to access and display stored FSX flightplans, then load them into the sim at the same time they are loaded into the gauge's own fp database. I see that FSX FSUIPC's toolbar has that ability, so my base question is really this: is this facility available programmatically from such a custom interface
  11. I typically will go to http://flightaware.com and load up the current day's flights out of whatever airport (in the US/Canada only) where I last parked my aircraft... I look for departure flights of real world a/c that are close to what I'm flying. Every so often, I luck up and find the same type of a/c departing around the same time as I, and can set up and fly the exact same route along with the real a/c... :mrgreen:
  12. I hope some other Citation users will come to help you here, because I don't know. From the response you got from Eaglesoft it sounds like they actively intercept the generic single throttle and use that, which really prohibits having reverse on the same lever. Of course you can retain your existing throttle setup for other aircraft and have the Citation done differently by making the assignments and calibrations in FSUIPC aircraft or profile specific. But that doesn't help with the Citation. Regards Pete Just to be clear, one CAN use the multiple throttle facility to have separate L and
  13. It occurss to me Pete that between FSUIPC and SimConnect, there already exists the possibility for someone, or some group to build a sim-outside-the-sim using FSX only as a "base platform," sort of like what ESP was supposed to be... :wink:
  14. Step 1: Go here - http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html Step 2: Read instructions Step 3: Download correct version, run the auto-installer program Step 4: For freeware features, you are done Step 5: If you want the full features, you need a key, so go here with credit card in hand - http://secure.simmarket.com/product_infts_id=2068
  15. Strange response, to be sure. I've used my Visa Debit card at SimMarket several times over the past few years... ...after all, that's the entire point of having a card with either Visa or MasterCard backing, so the vendor can treat it as if it were a credit card if they don't support direct debit support...
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