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I have written a little tutorial how to set up VRInsight devices, so that they could work as a native joystick with the help of the "FSUIPC VRInsight Mod"!

I have tried to write it in a hopefully uncomplicated way with many pictures, so that everybody could set it properly up...




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This looks great! does this mean that buttons in the MCP Combo Panel behave as buttons at last instead of sending a single keystroke?

EDIT: ok, I can see the buttons are hard coded (or at least I think so) to behave as toggle buttons, not press & hold. Too bad, but it's a VRInsight issue anyway. The mod is still a nice thing to have. No more conflicting key mappings so Thanks Günter

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Thanks Also!! I was able to finally fly my PMDG MD-11 with it. Took me some time, but I managed to map every key to it's correct function. Had to improvise with some of the layout, but for the most part its all working. Also the x32 of VPSE works just fine on Win7x64

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This is fantastic. I have used VSPE 32 bit in Win 7 64bit, the only problem being I cannot start it automatically as I did not buy a licence and a dialog box comes up telling me I should, so I have to keep clicking no to the prompt to carry on, but after that everything works fine.

It is great to be able to program buttons to whatever function I want. Thanks Gunter, your English is very good by the way so your guide was easy to follow, better than some commercial product guides. Kendo

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sorry, but for me mot all is working.

The KeyAssignment.ini seams to be wrong.

When i take a look over the FS Men into the IFly Key Assignments there are no keys assigned.

Is this correct??

In this case the MIN and BARO knobs etc. are not working.

Please help



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Hello! I have just one problem. My vrinsight fcu combo don't detect wilco airbus. He just find Microsoft a321 aircraft. I have installed fscuip4 . I already edit the dl.xml file. But the fcu combo did not find it. Why? This problem apear ater instalation of cdu II . Before this new cdu II module. Three was everythight ok.

Sory my english!::))))

Please Help me.



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I've answered you over at the VRinsight forum where you posted first Fredrico, please follow my instructions there and respond there too if you need to, thanks.

Here is a link to the reply;


No need to answer here Pete its probably an out of date VRinsight software package, many folk seem to not bother checking the website for the latest software and just install what is on the DVD that comes with the device, these are usually months out of date.

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