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Exactly as the thread title says... "The most pointless gauge in FSX ever".

The ELT switch as described in that thread does nothing but simulate a test. It's a dummy switch.

Presuming it is a gauge as stated then you could possibly pick up a Local variable and program it to be switched using LUA, but all it'll do is move a switch backwards and forwards that has no effect on anything other than the switch itself If you're lucky it might make a sound. It's a bit like the "Panic buttons" you can get that are a doorbell button in the middle of a plastic placard that says "Panic Button". You can press it. It won't achieve anything, but you can press it any time you want!


Ian P.

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I presume this is for a home cockpit then?

If so, I'd suggest yes, a switch with an LED would work fine, procedurally - but it might be worth checking with an avionics tech or a manual or something whether it is supposed to go "bleep" or something, as well as just light a red LED?


Ian P.

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you will find couple of Offsets you can use and write i.e. a Lua script using the ones they suit most.


1140 8 G-Force: the full 'raw' value from FS's SimConnect
11B8 2 G Force: copy of 11BA on touchdown.
11BA 2 G Force: units unknown, but /624 seems to give quite sensible values. See also offset 1140
34D0 8 G force maximum
34D8 8 G force minimum

You will find as well more Offsets for Acceleration (positive and negative) over the X, Y and Z axis in ft/sec/sec


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38 minutes ago, Yorg Tzitzifas said:

all I want to is When the plane  crashed from I.e terrain to drive an LED....

You need hardware and some sort of programmed interface to drive an LED.  If you can determine what conditions you deem a 'crash' and find suitable values in the FSUIPC offsets list, then you can get your harware driving software to read it and operate the LED. If you are not a programmer I assume you have already supplied software for your LED?

There is of course offset 0840 which is the 'crashed' flag. that shows when the Sim itself detects a crash.  Otherwise for a landing hard enough to be possibly deemed a 'crash' i think the relevant offsets to check are 11B8 (as Thomas suggested) and 030C (vertical speed).

1 minute ago, Yorg Tzitzifas said:

All I can do from programming is Arduino...

I have one of those somewhere but I don't remember how to program one.  But it should do the job, and from offsets.




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