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Feelthere/ Wilco ERJv2 Control Surface Lag


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When I turn my ERJ-145XR/ LR it will start to turn, but when I stop turning, my FSX:SE will pause for like half a second and resume, its quite annoying and I dont know why. I'm using an Extreme 3D Pro joystick, and recently got a new graphics card. FSX Lags really bad when i move the controls, but when I don't it doesn't lag at all, i don't know what the problem is. Ive tried to reinstall, but nothing.


Intel Core i7 2600 3.4GHz

Nvidia GTX750 Ti


Windows 7 64bit


Thats all I could think of

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use the configuration utility to adjust the plane's gauge refresh rates and/or reduce the setting of the visuals in FS.


and the ERJv2 wasn't made to work with the 'steam' addition -



Idk how the gauges would affect the ailerons, elevators, and rudders, that has nothing to do with my problem, thats gauges. My problem is, is that when i move the control surfaces there is a pause after i level off the turn or climb, so when i move  my joystick up and stop moving it up the sim pauses for like half a second everytime, and its really annoying. Idk what to do. 

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your computer is unable to keep up with FS's graphics needs.  by reducing the gauge refresh rates you reduce the demands on the computer's CPU.


also ... the ERJv2 isn't designed to work on 'steam' as this version of FS didn't exist when the plane was developed.  also, it seems, that steam isn't following the SDK as released for FSX.

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two things (if i have it right) have changed on your system -


* new GPU


* steam edition v. the DVD installed version of FSX.



as you didn't have the issue before i would first work on the GPU.


as noted before the ERJ wasn't designed for 'steam'. some folks can't even get the gauges to show.  a steam edition will be looked at after other projects are completed.

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Everytime I move my joystick when im flying the ERJ and/or the E-Jets my frames just drop massively. That's only when I move around my joystick. When I dont move it around my frames jump back up to 50 or 60... I dont know what the problem is, im real tired of it too. 

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Hi guys,

Decided to create a new thread to get some attention. I have been having this issue since I bought the Ejet series (170/75/90/95). Everytime I move the yoke or use any controller input my fps drops massively from 30 to 10. I only have this issue with the Feelthere Ejet series, no other plane (PMDG 737/Aerosoft 737) gives me any trouble. I use a t-flight hotas x controller..

Any suggestions? It's driving me nuts cause I'm in love with the Emb 190 and nothing beats the feelthere series.

Appreciate it,


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