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TOWER 2011 Multiplayer issues

Terry Latting

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Ok, so I have been trying to get this multiplayer session rolling with another player and this is what happens......


The other player is able to connect to me, but I am unable to connect to him. All settings are as the manual says and it just doesn't connect. The error I get is "Connection lost with the server"


When he connects to my server, the game freezes for him as the ground controller in the same spot every time.


This is frustrating.... Is there an update or a fix for this kind of issue?


I really like this game, and multiplayer seems like it would be fun but I am beginning to think there is an error in the software.


Please let me know if there is a fix for this.


Thank You!!

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that error message can result because of many things -


* your internet connection isn't stable and therefore the game looses 'contact'


* your firewall is blocking the connnection - look at the computer, router and modem


* your friend's connection isn't stable and therefore the game looses 'contact'.


* your friend's firewall is blocking the connnection - look at the computer, router and modem

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I am 'the other player'......


.............and it's most of the same issues again.  While I have been able to connect Tower to Terry, he gets an 'Connection lost with the server' when he tries to connect Tower with me.  I have also asked him to connect Tower to me when I had Tracon running.  No dice.

I have checked the router settings (port forwarding) more times than I can remember.  I have port triggering open as well to tcp/udp 22224 as of this morning.  I have even completely disabled the firewall software that is installed on this computer at one point, even though I got a pop up notice from the firewall software asking to allow Tower to connect to the internet...


I have Verizon Fios service to the house, and it's a rock solid connection. 

I have had the same issues before with Tracon and Tower with another player, with the exception that we couldn't even get to computers to connect at all.  She seems to have given up since she has not gotten in touch with me for a month.


I have included the latest tower and game log to this post as .zip files.


Currently running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1, 64 bit on a Compaq (HP) CQ5300F, AMD Sempron LE-1300 @2.3 GHz, 2 GB Physical memory, NVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 256MB.

OpenAL is installed.  Speech is installed and configured.



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My stats to complete this cycle are as follows.....


Windows 7 home premium 64bit SP1


3.6 Ghz 8 core AMD

2Gb x2 GTX960 GeForce

8Gb Memory

Open AL is installed as well as speech

120 Gb SSD HD

1Tb Seagate secondary HD (game runs off this HD)


I have Charter Internet with 60mb connection... also rock solid


I noticed in the root directory there is a text file named "game"... looks like the log file for network or something. I will include it here.


When he connects to me and we start loading the game... I sometimes freeze after pressing start.

Within the first 15 minutes of game play, he freezes.


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just an update...

I have solved one issue where a "parental control" software was shutting down the connection in 15 minutes regardless of the setting.  (Uninstalled it)

This last time I disabled all of the firewalls and I still was unable to host on either Tracon or Tower.  I can only be a client on Tower.

My last game log is attached.  That's where Terry tried connecting to my Tower with out success.





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Yet another update....  


After finding and installing a little app online by PCWinTech called 'Simple Port Tester', it told me right away that it was NOT connecting to tcp or udp ports 22224.  No big surprise there.  Checking the router for the umpteenth time to confirm the settings to the ports, disabling and/or uninstalling the firewalls on the computer, and just about every other combination I can think of resulted in a big fat no f••king bueno.  :evil:


After exhausting almost everything I can think of concerning the configuration of my VerzonFios wifi router and firewalls to accept communication through ports 22224, I finally found a small blurb on another website about dealing with ports not opening on WIFI routers that Verizon Fios uses with their service.  One user has a similar problem to mine where he couldn't connect to someone or connect as a host server for whatever game or sim he was using.  He said he initially thought he had a bad router, so he called Verizon and got a replacement.  As it turns out it did the same thing on a brand new router.

So, I read the forum post further, and his end result was to put a second router (that he had lying around) after the Verizon Wifi router, and then connect it to the computer.  He then initiated a Demilitarized Zone on the Verizon router for the i/p address of the second router, and in a nut shell said he finally got it to work.


So I log back into my Verizon router and DMZ the computer i/p address (without a second router), and lo and behold, the Simple Port Tester says it was successful in creating a connection with tcp and udp ports 22224.  :mrgreen:


Now, the caveat is that I read some IT guys are leery of apps like Simple Port Tester.  So if anyone has any feedback on that please let me know.


Leaving the computer in a DMZ is another concern, but there is Firewall software on the computer and I can always turn the DMZ on and off when needed.


Until I have tested it further by actually connecting to Terry, which will not be until Monday, or any other player with Tracon/Tower, that is where I stand right now.    :cool:




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