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Frankfort airport has to be the most challenging of the addon's that I've worked... 


First of all, there seems to be no airport chart for the field layout available, although I finally found one on the internet..  It's fairly accurate, but not like the Flight Aware charts that come with the others.


The set up for recovery has to be the exact combination.  For instance, landing aircraft on 25R and departing aircraft on 25C will get you an air collision every time, even though the aircraft don't really come that close to each other. However, departing aircraft on 25L will work OK with 25R recoveries. 


Even with specific taxi routing instructions, there are some aircraft that simply will not take the assigned routing and will drive straight into other taxiing aircraft.  With the quantity of traffic at this airport, it keeps you on your toes constantly, more so than any other airport I've worked.


The set up combination that works best for me, with the least difficulty is:


Landing 07L, then taxi to terminal via P - L

Depart 18, taxi via N

Depart  07C, taxi via N

Depart  07R, taxi via M

The conflict at the ramp exits and entries have to be realized way ahead of time in order to avoid ground collisions. 


Even with all that, some of the aircraft just taxi whichever way they take a notion to..


I'm totally hooked on this great airport and it's the one that takes up most of my game time. 





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Hi Roy,


I don't have Frankfurt so I can't comment on that one.


I do note your comment though "The conflict at the ramp exits and entries have to be realized way ahead of time in order to avoid ground collisions"

Do you use the hold instructions? I find they work really well.


I tend to issue them as a matter of course, for instance I enjoy KSFO so if I issue a "fat heavy bird" to go to 28L/R I will give it the hold at 1/L & hold at 1R before it leaves the gate. That way I know I don't have to monitor its progress too closely. 


Then again I may be telling you what you already know.... :)



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