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To FeelThere crew


On 5/31/2016 at 4:09 PM, FeelThere said:

If you experience any issue with Tower!3D please make sure to run tower3d.bat if you have any problem then it will create a log file. We need it for each report. Without it, we can't look into the reported problem.

Just to clarify & for newbies & those with bad memories.

When should you run the .bat file?

1. before staring Tower3D, or

2. After finishing a session before exiting the app down,or

3. After exiting the app down. (I suspect this is too late )

Does it generate a .log file & is this what is needed for analysis

Please don't shoot me down on this as it is not crystal clear & by other posts not all are clear on the proper procedure for generating the report file.

Also after generating the file & sending it off. Should one delete the file in preparation for a new file if needed.

Kev M



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Thanks Vic

Just for info, I am having a problem at KLGA  with A/C exiting rwy 4 at F & not going any further. I might have solved it locally but if not so, I will generate a .log file & post it in a separate subject

Kev M

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