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Tower 3D Steam purchase


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Hi Russellfire

I have purchased from Steam, and I have not had any issues on the 2 machines I tested it with.

Both were Win10 64Bit.

There are other cases on the forum where it stops loading after 30%, please search the forum to see if they have a solution you can use.

ps. You need to edit your subject, it must have the product name in the subject line and what it's about (add Tower!3D) ;-)

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On 6/1/2016 at 5:22 AM, Russellfire said:

Hi , has anyone purchased tower 3D from steam, if so, are they getting the same problems. For example: not loading after 30%.


Yes I did and I am regretting it ever since.  It has been two weeks since FeelThere released the hot fix to those that bought the game through BMT and Steam/Dovetail has yet to release it.  If it takes this long and it still has not been released, you can expect the Service Pack to take months and I do mean months, if ever at all to be released by Steam/Dovetail.

It is a good marketing plan to release the software through your own site and Steam because those people that buy it on Steam will end up buying it again on the developer site. One program for the price of two.


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No, I was not saying that FeelThere will take months to release the SP, I was saying that it will take Dovetail months to incorporate the SP for updates.  In fact I am willing to wager, $29 US that FeelThere will release the SP before Dovetail releases the HotFix. I just should have known better that to buy anything from Steam where Dovetail is involved and purchased the sim directly from the developer.


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That is the precise reason for me buying from the developer. Dovetail does not have a good name where updates are concerned. If you take their Train sim a lot of products are released and could not have gone through testing. Just look at the forums. For an extra few pounds it saves the hassle.

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