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  1. I'll give it some more days, and see if others chip in about using the TS. Regards, Frank
  2. Okay, I'll bite. I run several Teamspeak3 servers (non-profit), for different gaming communities, so if there is an interest, I can spawn a new instance as I still have some licenses free. Before I do that there is a few things I will make clear. I will not charge for the use of it in any way It will be for Tower (all version), and Tracon ... basically software we discuss here. It will run 24/7, but downtime will occur (Maintenance, server / firewall crash etc. It is free, I will fix it when I have time.) Channels will be predefined and Static (can be expanded if required) I will not provide support for how to use Teamspeak (there are plenty of guides out there). I will give some of the regulars "old timers" on this forum Admin access if they ask for it. The teamspeak will be protected by a password (which can be found in this forum). The server will be located in Denmark. What I'm trying to say is that it is "provided as is", no guarantees for uptime or if it goes down how fast it will be back up. It's running from my home ESX lab and contrary to popular belief I do have a life ;-) Please indicate here if there is interest for it Regards, Frank
  3. Hi Vic, I can launch the bat file as non-admin, and it will start the game, and create the log, but moving any windows to another monitor does not work. Regards, Frank
  4. Hi vic, I did try launching as admin and it did not make any differences. I can't launch the bat file as admin for some reason, the dos prompt comes up and disappears again right away. Regards, Frank
  5. Hi Vic, I can click the "move to other monitor" button, then click on "A", as many times as I want. Each time the windows popups up for ½-1 sec and then disappears again :-( Regards, Frank
  6. Hi, Forgot to say, this was tested with and without fullscreen. Regards, Frank
  7. Hi Simon, This might be a stupid question. Have you checked your default recording device in the Win10 sound settings? https://win10faq.com/fix-microphone-settings/ Just a thought. Regards, Frank
  8. Hi, I'm having the same issue when I tested TIST. I tried to move ADIRS (Log line 485), and it disappeared. The same is true if I run the game as administrator (which I prefer not to do). I am able to get ADIRS back if I click on the A in the menu, then it's "inside" the game window again. OS: Windows 10 Enterprise (Build 14393) Speech: English (United Stats) - Microsoft David Desktop Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Graphic Driver version: (dated: 12/29/2016) Resolution: 1920 x 1080 DX version: 12 (Games seems to be using DX11) Number of monitors: 3 No addons installed for the test Have anyone found a resolution to the issue? Regards, Frank game.log
  9. Hi Adam, There is a sneakpeak of the T3D Pro user manual here, perhaps it will provide the answers regarding features: https://www.atcsuite.com/tower-promanual
  10. I just love the new ADIRS, and the added functionality with pushback and wind simulation ! Looks really good.
  11. Gents, Please check this post, before posting about an issue, so Feelthere has some thing to work with.
  12. Hey Vic, What about the guy's on Steam, any idea when the hotfix will be provided for them? Regards, Frank
  13. True, but if I remember right on KLAS some will be pushed back into taxiway S, and on KPHL I believe some will be pushed out on taxiway J. If we were to handle the push back calls for those we might as well handle it for all Aircrafts.
  14. One more item to the wish list ;-) The ability to save window layout. It is a bit annoying to have to re-adjust the windows each time I start the game.
  15. Could you please add my option 2 to the list as well. It is often really hard for me to make out an aircraft number or the assigned taxiway when there is white stuff behind the windows (I have to use F1 and look in a different direction to be able to see it, and F1 is going away in SP1).
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