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Tower 3D Updates - Where Posted?


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Dear Folks,


Whoever purchased the Tower!3D at www.atcsuite.com or www.feelthere.com can re-download the product now it's called Tower3D_incl_hotfix.exe 

This is not the SP. All it solve is the 70% load crash and the inactive Start button. It also possibly solve the colliding airplanes at TBIT at KLAX but no guarantee.


Thank you


Vic & Team

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According to Scott Barker at Dovetail "There's nothing to announce at this time
for when an update will be released."

Ticket ID: HIO-848-59734
Department: General
Type: Issue
Status: Awaiting response
Priority: Normal
Fri 6/17/2016 4:04 AM

In other words, regretting buying through Steam!

But a response from FeelThere was:

"We are doing our best to get it pushed out asap."

So now I am confused because earlier it was said "We sent the build to Dovetail so you need to ask them.". Which to me means that FeelThere does the fixes and Dovetail at their leisure, if at all will update the Steam users.  For those of you familiar with other Dovetail products like the choo-choo one, you know Dovetail never patches, they are only concerned with new DLCs for people to purchase and raking in more money.  If they do patch anything it is to remove the scenario completely that is troublesome, like the Donner Pass Scenarios. But I digress.

Anyway, back to the confusion as to who for Steam is responsible for the updates to be pushed out.  It is perfectly clear that FeelThere is the developer and makes all the fixes, but do they just pass them off to Dovetail or does FeelThere work with Dovetail to implement them through Steam. I am unable to get a refund from Steam because I have gone a little over the 2 hour, 14 day return policy by 152 hours and 4 days, but I will wait for the Pro version to come out and buy directly from FeelThere through BMT. It was only $30, which is one-twentieth  of the hundreds of dollars I have spent on choo-choo DLCs.  Somebody once calculated that if you bought all the choo-choo DLCs it would be over $4000.  This is of course unless you wait for the Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring or other sales where the average price is 50-percent off.

Okay, venting finished,

Hugs and Kisses,

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Hi Ricky,


Dovetail is our distributor for Steam for Tower!3D. Once we made a hotfix for Tower!3D we gave it to Dovetail right away to distribute on Steam. It didn't happen and we got a promise it will be released by the time with the SP. Please don't ask about the SP's release time; we are doing our best to release it asap. you can see the progress in one of the sticky topic. FeelThere and ATCSuite customers received the hotfix right away, if I'm not mistaking within a week of the initial release. We will distribute the SP among our customers right after we tested and will send the SP to Dovetail as well.

Thank you



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