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Wrong Value with ipc.Read?

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Hello Folks,

again i will ask for a little Help.

With those Lines of Code

 Monat, Tag = ipc.readStruct(0x0244, "2SB")
 Jahr = ipc.readSW(0x024A)
 Flugdatum = (string.format("%02d.%02d.%02d", Tag, Monat, Jahr))

Try to read out the Local Date Values. For Month and Year this works fine. But the Day doesn't fit the Day of the actual Date.

Tried some other ReadValues like "2UW", "2UB", "2SW". It leads all to the same Result. Month and Year are correct, Day is not.

I would be very glad, if someone could help. Thanks in Advance.



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Actually, just to correct Thomas (sorry, Thomas), 

Monat, Tag = ipc.readStruct(0x0244, "2SB")

should certainly get the Month in "Monat" and the day of the Month in "Tag", though of course "2UB" would be more appropriate than "2SB" since the month and day cannot be negative (not that it matters with this range of values).

So, what exactly are you getting for the day of the month? (Remember, this is the date in FS, which is often being set by the last flight you loaded -- it isn't necessarily your computer system date).

I'll check this here ...


Ah! it looks like it s getting the Day of the Week in 0245 instead of the day of the month. I'm just checking to see if it's a bug in FSUIPC or in FS ...



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Ooops! It's an outright error in a table in FSUIPC! It IS reading the day of the week, not month! It's been that way since those offset values were added, some 10 years ago! Seems like you are the first person to use that one, or at least the first to have bothered reporting it! So thanks!

Would you need an interim update, or just wait for the next release?



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