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Tower!3D Pro: KATL Busy Between 1 and 4 AM


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SC is not meant to represent real world ops in real time.  With SC you can make the airport busy (or not) at any time you like.  You set the total number of desired flights, and plug in a time frame, and it will distribute your chosen number of flights across the selected time frame more or less evenly.  That is the beauty of it.  You can literally choose however much traffic you like for whatever time you like.

As for real world operations.  KATL slows down a lot after 11 PM, but unlike EGLL and some other major fields, it never shuts down.  FedEx, UPS, and all the other freight dogs get a good bit of work done when the rest of the airport is quiet.



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+1 on what Andrew posted.

You'll need to adjust your parameters if you want something that resembles a realistic schedule with SC. If you entered a start/end time for a 24 hour schedule then SC will create a fairly balanced hour-by-hour schedule. If you enter a local starting time of 6, for example, you'll see much different results. But as Andrew said, Atlanta never shuts down so having no flights from 00:00-06:00 is not realistic.

Personally, assuming SC and RT are the only options, I'd stick with RT for a more realistic schedule. Did I just say that?!? :)
I would assume the flight data used by SC is older (probably no more recent than 2015 for KATL) plus it shows only 1213 unique flights at KATL. I would hope the RT flight data is newer (the schedule file date is 10/9/2016) and it has 2435 unique flights (even with no arrivals for 20:00).   


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