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Bug in Real Color Bundle (KLAX, KPHL, TIST) for Tower!3D?


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I've installed the Real Color bundle (along with Real Traffic), but at least half the aircraft are all messed up.  The textures seem to be stretched over the models all wrong.  (See the tiny picture of the black Southwest aircraft.  In some cases, the tire textures are stretched on the fuselage.  Anyone have any idea why this is?  Did I install the pack wrong (on Steam version) or is there a bug?  Thanks

tower bad paint3.jpg

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Yes, that solved the problem, which was that the Real Traffic airplanes_pack1 and airplanes_pack1.manifest were in the Airplanes/Texturepacks folder rather than the Airplanes folder.  Not sure how that happened, but everything looks great now!

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Hey, I found this comment because I have the same Problem at the moment. I bought Tower 3D pro via Steam and real traffic/real color from the Homepage. The installation was kind of successfull because as you can see in your Picture it recognized the texturepack but with this black graphic bugs. I reinstalled it two times and tried to save it in the folder airplanes (all planes were white) and airplanes/texturepacks (all planes had the colors but with the bugs). 
Are you sure you solved the problem by save them just under airplane? Because this doesn't work for me at all :(

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Ok so these are my folders (i hope you can see it). The first one is the airplane folder and the second one is the texturepacks folder inside the airplane folder. 

I am sorry I have to do two posts, but i can't uploade the scrennshots in good quality under 20kb.... No spam intended!

Thank you in advance


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You will have the files "airplanes_pack1" and "airplanes_pack1.manifest", if you bought real traffic

They may be in the texturepacks folder, and need to be cut and pasted into the airplanes folder

otherwise you may need to redownload real traffic again🙂


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