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LAS Southwest planes at terminal E?


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I totally understand the real life aspect.  But I have wondered the same thing, SWA is assigned to terminal E in the stock 'las_terminal.txt' file and yet they never go there.  I just bought LAS during the sale so I have not made many changes.  I have noticed that Southwest, Jetblue and Delta are all assigned to E in the stock file, yet I have never had an arrival go to terminal E.  I have a flight aware schedule from 07:46-09:00 and for SWA I have 26 departures and 19 arrivals.  At the start of the game I have between 3-5 SWA in terminal E, but have Never had an arrival go there, they all go to C (only talking about SWA not the Delta or Jetblue).  Is there something else in the game that determines where they go.

I know the terminal.txt needs to be changed to reflect real life, but curious why planes in the terminal.txt don't go there. It's obvious the game is reusing planes since C does no have enough gates to handle the schedule I have, and that is fine, even realistic, just curious if you have any ideas.

Thank you for making a custom LAS schedule, I just downloaded it.  Just for your info, I added the WWW "Janet" flights shown in the Flight Aware files by reusing the Continental code.  I don't think Continental exists anymore do they?  I added them to the Cargo terminal since I don't know where they actually go and there are a lot fo free gates there. 

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From what I've seen at all the airports is that any airline assigned to more than one terminal appears to use one terminal over another. And some gates are consistently used over and over. All of this is most easily evident at KATL. The sim engine determines actual gate usage, but I haven't figured out the method to its madness. It does, however, appear to be more sequential than random. 

if you are really interested on what is happening with your schedule, the output_log.txt file will show you exactly each gate that is used, how often, and what arriving planes are to be used for later departures. And, keep in mind, because the sim loads six hours worth of flights, gate availability (no free terminal) will be an issue no matter what schedule you use.

Regarding Janet, you could create even a new code or modify an existing one (assuming you want to hear a callsign other than Continental). Doesn't really matter. 

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