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Pedantic G

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Quick questions for the knowledgeable forum members/Feel There developers.

How often should you re-download the Real Traffic files?. Only Phoenix and LGA have been released since I purchased Tower 3D Pro and Real Traffic but don't own these yet so haven''t bothered to update yet. A few questions:

1. With each new Airport release are only the real world callsigns and airplane types for those airports added or are any additions made to already released airports to cover any new airline companies or additional aircraft types and therefore this file should be re downloaded irrespective of whether you want the new airports or not?

2. Will any Real Traffic updates overwrite any custom schedules that I have added to airports I own and therefore have to re update these?

3. I know we are on SP3 for Tower 3D Pro at present (which is when I bought the game) but with each additional main game SP that comes out do you need to re download any additional airports bought (i.e  KLAS, KJFK, KBOS etc) or only when any SP's are released for those specific airports.?

Thanks in advance 


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To elaborate:

  1. Sometimes :) In the case of LGA, some airplane mods were made that affected several airplanes used at several different airports. In the case of PHX, only new aircraft to PHX were added along with the new traffic. So, yes I would recommend downloading and installing the latest RT version now and when a new airport is released.
  2. RT will overwrite any custom files you have saved that are named as the real traffic name. So, I'd recommend copying those files and save them in a folder or make a backup with a new name.
  3. To this point I have not seen a need to re-download and/or reinstall any of the airports when a main SP is released. 
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